Add Custom Engraving to Any Element Wallet

Add Custom Engraving to Any Element Wallet

We’re happy to announce that you can now add custom engraving to any Element leather wallet. You’ve been asking for the ability to add custom messages to our heirloom-quality wallets and we’re finally ready to deliver. Add a single line of text (up to 9 characters) or two lines of text (up to 24 characters) onto the leather strap of any Element wallet for $14.99.

Trayvax now offers custom engraving on Element leather wallet

All custom engravings require two additional days for processing. Our 65-year heirloom warranty still covers hardware failure under normal usage, but we will not accept any other returns on wallets with custom engraving, so make sure you spell everything correctly!

Add initials, thank you messages, or your favorite inspirational quote. We won’t do profanity, but you can use swear word alternatives like “Shucky Darn,” “Son of a Biscuit,” etc. We hope to offer engraving on all of our wallets in the very near future, so stay tuned!


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This is awesome! I’ve been waiting to engrave my Element! Nothing like having my own custom wallet.

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