Men’s Fashion Q&A

Men’s Fashion Q&A

There are several questions around men’s fashion these days. We’ll help answer as many of them as we can.

Is It Okay to Wear Jeans Without a Belt?

In a word: Technically. If the jeans are tight enough around the waist, wearing them sans belt is perfectly fine. But doing it that way takes a lot of guesswork, and if you guess wrong, you’ll end up rather embarrassed. You can prevent this embarrassment by wearing a black Cinch belt. This strong and fashionable belt is made with extremely strong nylon webbing, so it won’t snap at an inconvenient time. The metal buckle is strong too, able to stand up to any outdoor expedition. Wear it for every occasion, get a tan one for brown outfits, just enjoy! It’s cheap enough to get multiple for every outfit you own, and mix and match the buckles with the belts.

Is It Better to Wear Your Shirt Tucked or Untucked?

This one is a personal choice more than anything. Personally, I wear my shirts untucked. It looks better on my form, and is more comfortable to me. But wearing it tucked has benefits too. For instance, you can reach your front pockets easier. And there’s nothing better to put into a front pocket than a slim minimalist wallet.

ascent minimalist wallet

Our best wallet for that is the Trayvax Ascent. It may be small, but it’s no slouch. It can fit up to 7 cards, which are easily accessed with its pull tab and access window. Not only that, it’s slim enough to fit into a shirt or jacket pocket, in case you have fake front pockets. Fit this wallet into your pocket, your bag, and your life. It’ll stay where it is, and keep your cards safe and sound.

Should You Size Up Your Clothes?

By this, I mean order them one size bigger. And the answer to that, especially when ordering clothes online, is a resounding “yes!” For instance, you don’t want your Trayvax Hoodie to be too small. The heavyweight, extra warm fleece should be big enough to cover all of you comfortably. And if you order it in your size, it might not be enough.

Trayvax Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie

You don’t want it riding up and uncovering your belly at the worst possible time, or worse, ripping when you bend over. Trayvax’s hoodie won’t do that, with how durable it is, but a lesser hoodie would rip in that situation. Personally, I don’t trust online shopping for clothes, but if you do, then yes, order them one size larger.

Can a Man Accessorize with a Women’s Wallet?

There’s no reason why not! Celebrities of all kinds have been using wallets for the opposite gender for decades. And if you want a nice, easy to carry accessory, try the Roam Mini Clutch. It’s got a soft wool interior that’ll keep your phone safe, enough room for 12 cards, and space for all the bills you’d need. And if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it with a shoulder strap, it has a wristlet strap, or you can fully go without one and make it into a wallet on its own. Whatever way you carry it, this clutch, in black or brown, will look great no matter who’s carrying it.

What’s a Good-Looking Keychain I Can Use Easily?

We here at Trayvax have a lot of fancy-looking key clips and chains. But one of our strongest and best-looking is the Link lanyard. It comes in four colors of leather and one of nylon, and is as strong and fashionable as any of our wallets. The Link Lanyard can keep your keys secured on one end, and be clipped to your belt and the loop on the other. It comes with the same 65-year Heirloom Warranty as our wallets, so this key lanyard will stay strong for generations; we guarantee it.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of choices in men’s fashion, and they usually come down to personal tastes and opinion. A pair of jeans can be worn with or without a belt, and a man can carry a clutch, but it’s better to order your clothes one size larger from an online shop. Tucking in shirts is a personal choice, and the Link Lanyard is an attractive and strong keychain for your car keys. All that really matters is what you feel is best, and what looks good on you. Trust in Trayvax to help you look and feel your best. Try a Trayvax today.

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wu yen tai

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