What Is in a Millionaire's Wallet?

What Is in a Millionaire's Wallet?

Now, I’m no millionaire, but what they have in their wallets is probably a little different than what you or I do. So here’s what my research says they carry around, and the best kinds of wallets for carrying these things.

Credit Card (And Debit Backup)

While you’d think a rich man would carry a bunch of different credit cards, this wouldn’t be the case. They tend to carry a single credit card, likely one that gives a good reward or bonus. And for places that have a minimum to charge to a credit card, or that charge extra for certain brands, they have a debit card as a backup.

And how do they protect these cards from being skimmed for their valuable data? With metal RFID wallets, of course. And you can keep yours safe the same way. The Armored Summit Wallet is a good choice, with up to 95.1% RFID resistance. It can even be improved with addons that can turn it into a notebook wallet. That’d certainly be the type of wallet a millionaire would carry.

Small Amounts of Cash

Another misconception about millionaires is how much cash they carry around. It’s not stacks of 20s and 50s, it’s a single $100 and a few singles. It has been said that a person spends more money if it’s in smaller bills, but $1 bills are easier to keep around in emergencies. If you want an easy way to keep your bills with you, no matter how many, try a leather money clip wallet. One of our best is the Trayvax Element.

element wallet leather rfid

Not only is it slim enough to fit into your front pocket, it can hold up to 5 bills, and is tough enough to survive anything life can throw at it. From a day on a yacht, to a hike in the woods, the Element is good for rich and poor. It’ll stay strong for your life, as well as your son’s. With Trayvax’s 65-year Heirloom Warranty, we guarantee it.

Business Cards

If you’re a millionaire, it’s likely because you have your own business. And the best way to draw attention to a business is with a business card. Keep some in your wallet to pass out to potential clients or employers. And if you need a wallet to keep them in, the Renegade wallet with zipper is a good one to try. It’s a long wallet, with plenty of room for business cards and other things. A long wallet gives the appearance of wealth, and the lockable zipper pull keeps the business cards safely stored within.

Emergency Card And ID

Millionaire or average Joe, emergencies can happen to anyone. And if someone needs to contact your loved ones, the first place they’ll check is your wallet. So one of the best things to do is keep a small notecard in it, right behind your ID. List some emergency contact numbers, as well as your own cell phone number, on it, along with any important medical information (allergies, heart conditions, etc.).

ascent wallet rfid slim

if you want a wallet that can hold these important cards and still fit into your front pocket, then the Trayvax Ascent is for you. This slim wallet can hold up to 7 cards, which can include all the cards above. It’s easy to grab from a pocket when the worst occurs, and the pull tab will give them quick access to your ID and emergency card, so your loved ones can be informed quickly, and your medical care will be safe. Trust the Ascent to keep your emergency information safe.

Cell Phone

Since millionaires like to carry long wallets, there tends to be enough room within for a cell phone. So, expect a wealthy person to keep their phone locked up in their wallet. And if you want to do the same thing, it’s best done with the Roam Clutch.

roam cell phone

It has a separate pouch for this purpose, to keep your cards from getting demagnetized. And its soft wool interior won’t scratch anything up. It comes in rich brown and sleek black, to look fashionable while being carried. Keep your cell phone close at hand with Trayvax.

In Conclusion

A millionaire’s wallet is different from the average person. It contains fewer cards and less cash, but some important emergency supplies and smart amounts of money. While you may not be a millionaire, you can certainly act like a millionaire by carrying these things in a new Trayvax wallet.

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