Why Do So Many Guys Put Their Wallets in Their Back Pockets?

Why Do So Many Guys Put Their Wallets in Their Back Pockets?

There are many reasons men carry their wallets in their back pockets. While it’s not the wrong place for them, per se, it’s definitely an odd choice, with a few dangers to it.

Small Front Pockets

The most prevailing reason for keeping a wallet in the back is that the front is too small. In both men’s and women’s pants nowadays, the front pockets are shrinking or flat-out disappearing. While we can’t do anything regarding false or disappeared pockets, we can help with small ones. We have a number of front pocket wallets to slip into even the tightest spaces. One of our best is the Trayvax Ascent.

ascent slim wallet

It’s ultra-slim, and strong enough to survive a bit of crushing in a tight space. And in the off chance it does fall out, it’ll survive the fall to the floor. With its strong stainless-steel frame, and top-grain leather, it’s a great choice for anyone who needs to save space.

Bulky Wallets

Even if the front pocket is big, the wallet itself isn’t always. A huge, bulky wallet is a bit of a pain. It’ll be in the way, pinch the wrong places, and be more likely to fall out. What you need, once again, is something slim. There’s nothing better than the Trayvax Contour, a wallet that looks like little more than a cage and a strap.

contour wallet

It’s unique, slim, and tough enough to sit in any tight pocket without snapping. It can be slipped anywhere there’s space, even into a jacket pocket. You’ll be glad to have it when you’re struggling to open a stubborn glass-bottle soda, as it has a built-in bottle opener. This wallet is the complete opposite of bulky.

Cell Phone In Front

Sometimes, there’s something more important than a wallet up front: A cell phone. It’ll sit in the front pocket quite easily, and is important enough to keep within easy reach. But you can kill two birds with one stone with the Trayvax Roam Clutch. It may seem feminine, but it’s the perfect solution for keeping both your cell phone and your cards safe.

roam clutch

It’s got a special pouch for a cell phone, to keep it close at hand. And it has all the space of a wallet, being able to hold up to 12 cards and as many bills as can fit in its soft wool interior. It can be either a wristlet or a strap clutch, lightweight and easy to carry. It can empty out space in your pockets for keys, a music player, or whatever sort of other things you want to put into your pockets.

Personal Preference

And of course, some men just prefer keeping their wallets in the back. This can be dangerous, though. A pickpocket could pass by and swipe a wallet from the back pocket without being seen, or it could simply be too big and fall out on a bus. This happened to me once, and I never saw it again. If you insist on keeping your wallet in your back pocket, at least keep it secured with a carabiner clip keychain. Our strongest is the Keyton Clip. Clip one end to a belt loop, and the other end to the attachment point of a wallet, and it’ll stay strong. The combination of metal and leather is the same as in the Element, so it’ll stay strong. And like the Element and other wallets, this simple key clip is backed by our unique 65-year Heirloom Warranty. This little clip will stay strong, and stay in the family, for generations.

For a wallet that won’t quit, even in the back pocket, give the Armored Summit a shot. It can be clipped to a Keyton, put into a notebook wallet, or just placed in the pocket on its own. It’ll withstand any drops, and even some nefarious RFID skimming. This wallet works well in any pocket you own.

In Conclusion

There are many different reasons a man decides to put a wallet in his back pocket. From his front pocket being too small, to his wallet being too big and bulky. Maybe there are more important things in his front pocket, or maybe that’s just what he likes doing. With pickpockets and drop risks, it’s a bit dangerous to keep it back there. But fortunately, there’s a Trayvax wallet for every one of these reasons and more. Get a Trayvax wallet today, keep it in any pocket.

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