The Best Men's Wallet Brands To Choose From

The Best Men's Wallet Brands To Choose From

There are many different wallet brands out there, for any price range or desire. So the question stands: What are the best wallet brands? That all depends on you, of course, but here are my personal top 4 wallets.

4. Fossil

Fossil is a big brand, with their fingers in a lot of pies. This includes wallets. But when you try to be a jack of all trades, you end up being a master of none. And that’s what’s happened to Fossil. Their leather wallets are pretty good, but their vegan wallets don’t hold up very well. The Myra bifold wallet had some problems with the rivets, and these issues caused the material to buckle and crack. Most of the colors of it were sold out too, and the wallet is a bit too small for the price. It isn’t the only wallet with these problems, but it does have one star on the website, and the review said customer service did nothing to help. For this reason, Fossil is currently at the bottom of the list.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

This trendy brand can make more than T-shirts, including wallets. A lot of these wallets are merely card holders with no bill space, but they’re pretty good for what they are. What isn’t good, however, is the website. It’s laggy, bounces up and down the page for no reason, and a lot of parts (especially the important shipping and returns sections) simply won’t load. If you really want a Tommy wallet, it’s probably best to buy one in store, or wait for them to fix their website.

2. Crazy Horse

An up-and-coming Lithuanian brand, Crazy Horse specializes in all things leather. Whether it’s a wallet, a Tile holder, or a backpack, Crazy Horse can make it. Their prices are fairly middle of the road, and they come in a lot of colors. But there’s one problem: The shipping times and costs. Because of COVID-19, everything is slower and more expensive to be shipped, and wallets are no exception. So if you order a wallet from Crazy Horse today, it might not be here in time for Christmas, especially as everything they have is handmade. All those wallets might be held up because of a shut-down airport, or delayed near-indefinitely because of another freak canal accident. It’d be easier, more convenient, and better on the environment to order an American-made wallet.


1.     Trayvax

Of course, the best wallet brand is Trayvax. It has everything these other wallet brands do, but at a higher quality and better prices. Our selection of tactical wallets is unmatched, with tough stuff like the Element, and slim wallets like the Ascent. Our metal RFID wallets are built to last too. The unique-looking Contour can easily turn heads with its eye-catching design and integrated bottle opener. Our Armored Summit wallet is the best at blocking nefarious signals, with up to 95.1% resistance. And with a few add-ons, it becomes a cool, creative notebook wallet. It’s perfect for writing to-do lists, jotting down story ideas, or just doodling. You can keep your cards safe, and your ideas close at hand, with the Summit Notebook Wallet at your side. And if anything goes wrong, we’ll be happy to help with a repair, replacement, or refund. With our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, we’ll help make your wallet right, even if it’s now your son’s wallet.

Honorable Mention: GUCCI

Ahh, the Gucci wallet. Men the world over know the name means quality. But it also means price. Depending on the wallet, it could even be over $1000. The lowest-priced wallets are still triple-digit, though, so they’re very expensive regardless. I once joked to a friend of mine in a Gucci store that “it probably costs $200 just to breathe in here,” which just goes to show how luxurious and expensive these products truly are. Were it not for this exorbitant price range, it’d make it onto the list, and probably pretty high, to boot.

In Conclusion

There are many men’s wallet brands to choose from, but the best is Trayvax. We’ve got better quality and customer service than Fossil, an easier to use website than Tommy Hilfiger, lower-cost and more reliable shipping than Crazy Horse, and we’re much less expensive than Gucci.

element wallet

With all of this, and our quality, good-looking selection of wallets, maybe you should give one of our great products a try. And if you don’t absolutely love it, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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