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If you're like most homeowners, you may have a whole bunch of keys that you need to keep safe. You probably have a keychain with carabiner that includes your main set of keys and then a few others for your car or house. You also probably have a bunch of duplicate keys floating around as well.

keychain carabiner

Staying organized can be tricky but is possible by finding a spot for those keys so you can easily locate them when needed. Also, putting your keys secure is not all about just hanging them on the wall. You also need to do it in style.  We’ll help you brainstorm creative wall keychain key holder ideas to make it functional and stylish.

What Are the Types of Wall Key Holders?

Apart from getting creative with your wall key holder installation, you may also consider some of the different types available in local and online outlets or hobby stores. This categorization is mainly based on the mounting method that the wall key holders are mounted.

key holder

Drill mount type

Most wall key holders come with a set of holes through which they are mounted on the wall. The drill mount wall key holders often give a sturdy grip and can be used for other purposes, such as holding mail, hanging jackets, or hats.

If you live in a rental house where drilling the wall isn’t allowed, these might not be the best option. Otherwise, they’re the best but may also require a little bit of work, such as measuring the holes with a spirit level and drilling. If you’re a DIY lover, it shouldn’t be so hard to do it. Else, you can find a handyman to do it for you.

Adhesive mount type

These require no drilling of holes as they come with an adhesive, protected by a layer, which you’ll need to peel off to mount on the wall. Usually, the adhesion is strong to hold a bunch of keys, but might not be ideal for serving multiple purposes. They’re only as strong as the weight of the items mounted on them.

Most of the adhesive mount wall key holders are entirely made of plastic and can sometimes be meant for holding only one or two keys.

Functional Unique Wall Key Holder Ideas

There are so many creative wall key holder ideas to choose from. If coming up with ideas for your wall keychain key holder is a problem, we can help you figure out something faster and make your home more organized. Here are a couple of tips to help you create a more functional and unique wall key holder.

How are you planning to use it?

Apart from the main purpose of holding your keys, most people also like to make them multi-purpose. That is, they also use them to hold jackets, hats, umbrellas, purses, and other items. Would you like the key holders to hold mail or also add a shelf to hold other items as well?

Determining how you intend to use the wall key holder will be essential in knowing what you’ll need in terms of designing, and get an idea on the right spot to hoist it.

Picking the right spot

Finding the right spot for your wall key holder is also important as far as coming up with creative ideas for personalizing your home is concerned. it’s common for most people to mount them close to the main entrance and exit door to make it easier to grab them while in a hurry.

After finding the ideal spot, measure the space where you’d like to mount it to determine how much area the keyholder would take. If considering a simple key holder for your keys only, you won’t need bigger wall space. A multi-purpose key holder that serves other roles also will probably require a bigger space, both lengthwise and height.

Choose the material and design

This is where you’ll get creative with your choice of style. You can pick the design based on your home décor, hobby, taste, or personality. You may choose a simple, elegant, rustic design or grab a style that fascinates you.  

If you love animals, for instance, you could choose animal-themed key holders. Some excellent examples include rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and bears models.

When choosing the key holder base, there are many material options to consider. You can go for a wooden base with metallic hooks, or a fully metallic base and hooks. But in most cases, you’ll find a wooden base with metallic hooks.  There are also wall key holders with plastic bases with metal hooks, or entirely plastic. Some designs can also be decorative, featuring themes such as elegant wood themes, or minimalist.


Wall key holders offer an excellent way to stay organized and reduce time wastage when about to leave in the morning. When considering installing one, go for unique wall key holder designs that match your home décor or your style preferences. Also, consider the weight of your keys as well as if you’d like to use the wall key holder for hanging other items.

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