Top 5 Best Metal Wallets in 2020: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Metal Wallets in 2020: The Ultimate Buying Guide

To carry your cash and cards and stay stylish, you need the best minimalist wallet. The right wallet can be just as important as the right bag or purse for women. A good wallet will keep your cash and cards organized and secure — and improve your general appearance.

But with so many options on the market, how can you be sure you're choosing the best metal wallets for credit cards, money, and ID cards? We've done some in-depth research on this topic to help guide your decision in 2020.

What makes a good metal wallet?

The first thing you need to look for in a metal wallet is the overall build quality. You want to make sure that the metal is a durable type so that it will last. Cheap types are made of flimsy metal, which easily bends and can’t be reshaped.

The next thing you want to look for is the wallet of the design. Look for metal wallets for men that are either functional (not overly slim) or chic (well-designed). The design goes hand in hand with the types of metal used to make the wallet. The most common metals used in wallets include stainless steel, titanium, and brass.

Stainless steel gives an excellent finish and doesn’t scratch easily. Titanium and brass offer the unique appeal that most people seek. They’re great for those interested in a minimalist metal wallet design.

How to choose the right metal wallet for you

There’s more to what a man can look for in a metal wallet. Some prefer minimalist designs, while others like those built with durable metals. Apart from such factors, what else should you consider to get the best metal wallet?

Wallet capacity

if you have a lot of cards, you may want to consider a slim profile or tri-fold wallet with multiple pockets to keep things organized. Look for metal wallets for credit cards that can carry as many cards and folded bills as you need without ruining its profile.

You may also want a wallet in a traditional slim/straight slash shape. While the slim wallet does have the added advantage of being able to fit a lot of cards in one spot, the straight-slash wallet is the best shape for those who like everything to be in the same place.

Security features

Does the wallet provide RFID protection features? This is one of the best security concerns to look into when looking for a metal wallet. This feature protects your cards from credit card identity theft that can happen without your knowledge.

Also, check whether it has an attachment point to allow you to attach it to a keyring or prong. That way, street pickpockets and snatchers will find it hard to just grab your wallet and run with it. 

Design and style preferences

If you’re the type that rarely carries cash and only carries 2 to 4 cards, then you don’t need too spacious wallets that might be bulky. A minimalist wallet made in USA is an excellent choice as it gives you a sleeker appeal and is more comfortable.

Another consideration in terms of style is the theme of the wallet. If you’re fond of anything military, pick a metal wallet that implements that taste of fashion.

A List of The Top 5 Best Metal Wallets In 2020

Now that you’re armed with facts about metal wallets for men, here are the best metal wallets in 2020 that we know will fit your taste and preference.

1.     Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet

The Trayvax Original 2.0 wallet is a perfect choice if you want a combination of metal with some leather. It comes with lots of features to help you with simple tasks such as bottle openers. Plus, it lets you secure your card information with RFID blocking features, and is spacious enough to carry 15 cards and 5 folded bills.

2.     Trayvax Axis Wallet

Axis metal wallet RFID

This wallet features a simple slim profile with a stainless frame, ID preview window, hidden coin pocket, and a keyholder. You can carry up to 8 folded bills and 14 cards while keeping them from theft through the RFID protection feature.

3.     Kryptek Armored Summit Wallet

This wallet offers an unmatched minimalist design with a military theme. With the RFID protection, you can comfortably keep card information thieves at bay.  This tactical minimalist wallet is a choice for those who don’t carry bulk, able to carry up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills.

4.     Trayvax Contour Wallet

Contour features men wallet RFID

If you want something more sophisticated and spacious, the Contour Wallet is an ideal choice, able to carry up to 13 cards and 10 folded bills. It’s the type of wallet you go for if you like to make a statement. It features a luxurious style consisting of a stainless-steel frame with rugged leather straps and side folds.

Contour wallet can adjust to fit as much as you need to carry and offers RFID protection to keep your cards safe from card information theft. The bottle opener integrated allows you to open your drink bottles while on the go.

5.     Trayvax Ascent Wallet

Ascent metal wallet RFID

Ascent Wallet is an elegant combination of leather and metal, featuring a slim stainless-steel frame covered in hand-stitched quality leather. The durable melonite finish makes it match perfectly with any outfit, whether official or casual.

Its slim profile lets you carry 5 bills and 7 cards, while the ID preview window gives you quick access to your cards.    


When choosing a new wallet, it\'s important to consider how you carry your cash and cards — and whether you need additional functionality like storing coins or keys. Choosing the right wallet can make a big difference in your everyday life. And with so many options available, it can be so challenging to find the best minimalist wallet.

Metal wallets for men offer durability, chic style, and functionalities that standard wallets can’t offer. Pick from our top 5 best metal wallets and boost your confidence when out for a date or shopping. 

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