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Best Metal Wallets to Carry Your Cash In 2021

Best Metal Wallets to Carry Your Cash In 2021

When most of us think of wallets, what comes to mind is a fully packed leather bi-fold wallet for men. Have you ever thought about having a metal wallet?  If there’s one trending fashion style today in men’s accessories, it’s metal wallets. You’ve probably seen several but you probably didn’t give it much thought.

Why Choose Metal Wallets over Traditional Wallets?

They’re way more superior than the typical leather wallets we’re all used to. But are they really comfy? Well, they’re built in a witty way so you won’t experience any sort of discomfort because they’re mainly front pocket wallets.

 And they’re highly durable, won’t develop peculiar patinas, or wear out quickly. So, if you're ready to start looking for a wallet that's not too expensive, but is still stylish, have a look at the best wallets for carrying cash below.

The Best Metal Wallets to Keep Your Cash Safe

Apart from keeping your cash, credit cards, and ID cards safe, metal wallets bring some sense of style and elegance that you wouldn’t find in standard wallets. Here are the best metal wallets to complement your outfit.

Trayvax Element Wallet with Stainless Steel Frame

wallet men RFID

This metal wallet is one of a kind and our best choice for men looking for a combination of metal and leather. It features top-grain oil-tanned leather with a stainless-steel frame to provide an elegant twist of style.

Trayvax Element Wallet has a slim profile to make everything simple so your pocket doesn’t bulge out when carrying it. Don’t confuse it for a small-sized wallet, it can hold up to 10 cards and 5 folded bills. Additionally, it’s equipped with an RFID blocking feature to safeguard your credit cards from public card information theft.

The rugged leather finish of these metal wallets for men makes them match any outfit, whether official or casual. You can bring them to the games on a weekend or take out a business partner on a weekday.

Trayvax Original 2.0 Wallet

original RFID wallet men metal

Are you the type that likes their wallet in the front pocket? Then this Trayvax Original 2.0 wallet will suit your needs perfectly. It’s an ideal choice for a man who likes to multi-task with the little accessories they put in their pockets.

The wallet features a tactical design construction, made using airplane-grade aluminum for an average American man. It makes it easy to access the contents through the ID access window and a long-lasting pry bar. The backplate is stainless-steel made to enhance durability.

When the security of the contents is a concern, the wallet offers RFID protection to prevent your card details from theft. Additionally, a security clasp, attachment point, and pocket clips add up to the security features so you can confidently walk the streets without the fear of pickpockets.

Trayvax Kryptek Armored Summit Wallet

Do you want a wallet that is as tough as a battle tank? The heavy-duty Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet is an RFID tactical wallet that offers durability, style, and security like no other. Its simple dark gray appeal won’t be ruined by the 5 bills and 7 cards that the wallet can carry.

The slim profile features a heat-resistant stainless-steel plate with several other useful features, such as an ID preview window and an attachment point that lets you safely attach it to keyrings and keep pickpockets at bay.

Armored Summit wallet is an ideal choice for any guy who’s fascinated by military aesthetics like the melonite finish, and mil-spec webbing. The elegant finish of this best minimalist wallet is also something that will give you a sense of pride when you remove it to swipe your card at a store.

Trayvax Contour Wallet

Do you like to grab some beer while on the go? How about an RFID front pocket wallet integrated with a sturdy bottle opener? The wallet is quite simple, with the ID preview window offering a larger view so you won’t have to remove it every time.

Contour Wallet offers you a choice of high-quality metal frames, including brass, stainless steel, and titanium. The minimalist design features top-grain oil-tanned leather straps with a slim profile to carry up to 10 folded bills and 13 cards. The adjustable sliding clasps and the Torx wrench make it easier to adjust its capacity to fit the contents.

The simplicity of the wallet is attention-grabbing and can define your personality perfectly as whip out your card to pay for those groceries.

Trayvax Axis Wallet

If you like to keep everything simple, how about this slim and minimalist metal wallet? The Trayvax Axis Wallet is composed of stainless-steel frames with straps on the sides to give it an eye-catching appeal and functionality.

The ID preview window is larger and the wallet is spacious enough to hold up to 14 cards and 8 folded bills. If you like to keep coins in your wallet, this metal wallet makes it possible through its concealed coin pocket. The compact design combines well with the slim profile and stainless-steel plates to bring elegance and fashion to your outfit.

Trayvax implemented some security features worth considering. The RFID protection capability helps protect your card information from theft, making it one of the best RFID minimalist wallets around.

The attachment point allows you to attach the wallet to a keyholder to keep it safe from pickpockets or snatchers.

The Axis wallet is an ideal choice for any adventure lover who isn’t afraid to try out new experiences without worrying about their wallet’s safety.


Are you ready for some outdoor fun? Grab the best metal wallet that has caught your attention and head out for some fun in the wild! These RFID wallets made in USA offer durability, minimalist designs, and excellent security features to keep your valuables safe while outside.

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