How to Choose a Money Clip Slim Wallet in Top Grain Leather for Men

How to Choose a Money Clip Slim Wallet in Top Grain Leather for Men

How do you pick the right slim metal money clip for men? Choosing a slim wallet is as important as picking the right outfit for an occasion. When choosing a slim money clip wallet, you want to make sure it will last, it’s stylish, and that it's made of quality material.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a slim money clip wallet, so we've done our best to help you narrow your search down with some great choices in top-grain leather wallets.

Money Clip Slim Wallets Vs Common Wallets

Wallets are a common accessory among most men. However, the trend seems to be changing as most people adopt the minimalist style. Everything is becoming smaller, from laptops, phones, and now wallets.

As money clips become more popular, is there any reason to cross the border and be part of the men with a minimalist style preference? Here are just a few reasons why a money clip slim wallet is much more ideal than the traditional wallets.

Declaration of class

Everyone likes to have a trendy, classy, and unique style. Leather money clip wallets are one of the ways men show their elegant style preferences nowadays. This chic style of carrying money didn’t start recently, it’s been around for very long. It was common in the 1900s when only upper-class men used them. Today, they’re back and more fashionable than ever, the reason it’s becoming a luxury that men of class want to associate with.

Match any outfit

Do you like wearing fitted jeans? Are you a tux guy? Carrying a wad of cards, receipts, and cash can ruin your style. A bulky wallet protrusion on your rear or front trouser pockets can ruin everything for you. it can escalate to worse if you put it in your breast pocket.

With a money clip slim wallet, you can keep a simple style that complements well with your official or casual outfit.

Easier accessibility to cash

Not everyone likes carrying cards all the time. If you like bringing cash with you often, a slim money clip wallet like the Axis Wallet is undoubtedly the single most important accessory to have. Unlike traditional wallets, there is no annoyance caused by zippers, compartments, or dividers.

Axis wallet minimalist money clip RFID

When you need cash, accessing it is simple and won’t ruin the day for you, especially when in a hurry.

What to look for in a Money Clip Slim Wallet

Finding the right wallet can be tricky. It needs to be slim enough to fit in your pocket, but sizable enough to hold all your stuff. Let’s have a look at other features that you should consider when shopping for the best money clip slim wallets.

Style and design preference

Before going very far, what’s your preference? Are you the minimalist kind of a person, or do you like going big? Generally, you’ll find all money clip slim wallets with a simple design, fewer decorations, and fewer pocket slots. That’s the main idea behind having one in the first place – keeping everything simple.

Otherwise, you could go with military-themed or mixed-colored money clip slim wallets in top grain leather. All in all, the leather addition is also another excellent design feature worth considering. If it is leather, let it be top-grain leather or nothing!

Security features

Another important consideration to look into is how secure is the money clip slim wallet. Even though it’s primarily made for carrying cash, it doesn’t hurt to pack in a few cards also. So if you’ll be using it to carry credit or debit cards, consider the RFID protection feature.

An RFID-protected lining is essential and works to keep your credit cards and personal identification cards with magnetic strips free from being scanned by a criminal.

The capacity

If you like to carry both cash and cards, a men’s card holder with money clip can serve the purpose well. An ideal size would be 4.25" x 2.75" which can allow you to carry seven cards and 10 folded bills.

The main idea for a money clip slim wallet is to reduce the baggage that men stuff in their pockets. so go for something that restricts you from carrying too much if you are the type that can’t resist carrying lots of useless stuff in their wallets.

Frame type

When considering a money clip, it’s important to also look at its durability. One of the factors to check here is the type of frame. Even if it’s full top grain leather, it will have an in-built frame, which could be made of carbon fiber, wood, or metal.

A metal money clip card holder is durable and will mostly come with RFID protection capability. Wood and carbon are equally good, but may not be as durable as metal. If looking for something that can serve you come rain come shine, the metal frame type is the best choice.


A slim money clip wallet in top grain leather is a must-have if you want comfort, convenience, and elegance. They make it easy to access money on the go, without running your entire outfit. They also match with any type of outfit, whether casual or official. When shopping for one, consider features such as RFID protection, capacity, and style.

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