How Do Metal Wallets Impact Your Daily Life?

How Do Metal Wallets Impact Your Daily Life?

Metal wallets are increasing in popularity nowadays and for good reason. They’re more durable than leather wallets, and they can be painted in many different colors. They come with unique hassles, though, that you should look out for.

Positive Impacts

If you’re worried about a leather or plastic wallet warping in your pocket, you won’t have to worry anymore. A metal front pocket wallet will stay strong, without any bending or warping. One of our best metal wallets is the Original 2.0. It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum, strong stainless steel, and military-grade paracord. For added strength and durability, it’s coated with a G10 finish. It can hold everything you need, and keep it all safe. And not only is it strong, but it’s also popular. This wallet is our bestseller, with over 6000 reviews. The majority are 5-star, so it has a good track record.

Another good thing a metal wallet can do is look good. The Trayvax Contour is a wallet like no other. It has a unique frame, with only a small leather strap. Its unique design will turn heads. Bring it to a friend’s house to show it off. They’ll love how easy it is to use, and you can even pop open a beer bottle with it. Your new wallet is sure to be the talk of the party.


Negative Impacts

You should know that anything made of metal can make traveling a bit of an extra hassle. If you forget to take your wallet out of your pocket before stepping through the airport’s metal detector, you’ll set it off. This means you’ll have to step out of the line to get further searching, and possibly be late for your flight. The easy solution, then, is to remember to put it into the X-ray machine instead.

Another thing to look out for is that metal wallets can be smaller than leather ones, and may not be able to hold as many cards. But if you have a metal wallet with a money clip, this won’t be such an issue. Carry your Trayvax Axis with you, and keep your cash close at hand. If you have some coins with you, it can handle those as well. The Axis has a hidden pouch for coins and receipts.

Finally, be aware that metal wallets may be a bit uncomfortable in your pockets, due to the rigidity and the way they hold temperature. A wallet in your pants pocket on a cold day might be annoying to deal with, so you can put it in your jacket pocket instead. And on a hot day, it might feel like it could burn you. Keep it in a gym bag or backpack, maybe near a water bottle, to keep it cool.

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Impacts That Can Happen with Any Wallet

No matter what wallet you might use, whether it’s made of metal, leather, or something else, these things will have an impact.

Any wallet runs the risk of falling out of your pocket or being stolen. To prevent this, try a wallet chain or lanyard. That way, it won’t fall to the ground, and you can feel any pickpockets tugging on it. The Trayvax Link is a good choice. It’s short enough that your wallet won’t fall too far and tough enough that thieves won’t be able to break it easily.

When you have a wallet in your back pocket, it can push your hips out of alignment and put pressure on the nerves in your spine. This can lead to some annoying back pain. Moving it to the front might help, but that puts pressure on your thighs. It might be easier, then, to keep your wallet in a coat or bag when you sit down.

In Conclusion

A metal wallet can impact your life in multiple ways. It’s stronger than a leather wallet, less likely to snap under pressure. It can also look striking, like the unique Contour. Show it off at a party, be the center of attention. But no wallet is perfect. Metal wallets can be a bit annoying when traveling. They can set off metal detector alarms, but that’s easily remedied. They may have less room for cards, but more room for cash. And any wallet can fall or be stolen, but a good lanyard can stop that. To prevent back discomfort, store them in a non-pants pocket when sitting. Keep these points in mind when shopping for a metal wallet.

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