Need To Compose A Perfect Groomsmen Gift Box?

Need To Compose A Perfect Groomsmen Gift Box?

Who says you only need one groomsmen’s gift? You could have a whole box for your groomsmen, and if you want a great one, that’ll make everyone happy, try filling it with some of our great products. And better yet, they can come in all sorts of fun themes!

Outdoor Theme

If your group is composed of mainly outdoorsmen, an outdoor-themed gift box will go over great. We have plenty of fun and functional options for those who find themselves at home in the woods.

You could use a Trayvax Ration as the box for the other gifts. Its open bay can hold presents as well as little snacks, bottles of water, or cans of food. The stove boils water quickly and heats food reliably. Anyone who hikes, fishes, or camps will be happy to have a Ration on their side.

ration groomsmen

One of the best things to put into the Ration is a Nalgene water bottle. It’s suitable for both warm and cold beverages, so your groomsmen can make tea on their Ration stoves and drink it from their Nalgene bottles. And when the adventure is done, it’s dishwasher-safe.

And for the final touch, a Trek Field Knife would be perfect. This fixed-blade knife is perfect in a normal or Scout carry and is sharp enough to cut through many things. It feels nearly weightless in the hand and has a strong leather sheath. Any outdoorsy groomsman will love it.

knife groomsmen

Fashion Theme

For the groomsmen who care about how they look, a fashion-themed gift box is easy to assemble. Keep your friends looking fancy and fun with these items.

The first thing you can put into the fashion box is our tactical webbing belt, the Cinch. It comes in two colors and has six belt buckles to choose from. Each groomsman can have his own buckle, and it’ll help set the boxes apart. And these belts are strong enough to be used as binding for the rest of the box. Give your groomsmen gifts they’ll love with these belts.

To keep your groomsmen warm on chilly days, the Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie is a fantastic addition. It’s a striking hoodie, with a blue Trayvax logo on a black background. With its 98% cotton composition, it’s extra-warm and extra-thick. It can keep your groomsmen warm in temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C).  On a chilly fall day, your groomsmen can wear this hoodie and remember your wedding day.

And to keep their hair looking nice, a Shift Wallet Comb is a great choice. It has two sets of teeth: One wider for thick hair and beards, and one finer, for precise styling. And like a lot of our metal products, this comb has a built-in bottle opener. Your groomsmen will appreciate something so useful.

Writing Theme

If your party is comprised of creatives, there’s a set for them too. A small notebook, a space pen, and a wallet to put them in.

The Summit men’s notebook wallet is the perfect gift for any creative groomsmen. It comes with a water-and-grease-resistant Rite in the Rain notebook. The wallet can hold as many cards as you need it to, is small enough to fit into a jacket pocket, and comes in a fancy brown leather. There’s a slot for the included Bullet Space Pen, too. Speaking of the Bullet Space Pen, it’s a great choice for a groomsman present. It writes at any angle, even upside down. Heat, cold, water, and grease aren’t problems either. Your groomsmen can even use this little pen to write in flight. It’s able to write at altitudes of up to 12,500 ft (3800 m).  They can write their speeches on the way to the wedding, or whatever else they need to jot down. Creative types will love this collection.

In Conclusion

With Trayvax’s fine products, you can make gift boxes for all types of groomsmen. For the outdoorsy types, slip a Trek knife and a Nalgene water bottle into a Ration’s food bay. Fashionable men might like a Shift Wallet Comb tucked into the pouch of a Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie, and tied up with a Cinch Belt. Creatives will love a Summit Notebook wallet, with an included Bullet Space Pen and spare notebook. Whatever kinds of groomsmen you have, thank them with Trayvax. With our multi-use items, they’ll be reminded of your wedding day whenever they take a sip of water, write down a story idea, or tighten their belt.

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