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Looking For Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas?

Looking For Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas?

Not every groomsman wants a pair of cufflinks. For the more rugged or outdoorsy groomsmen, a knife or camp stove would be appreciated. Someone more fashion-oriented would appreciate a nice belt. Everyone needs wallets, but they don’t have to look ordinary. For anyone in your party, Trayvax has something they’ll love.

Rugged Gifts for Outdoorsy Groomsmen

Would some of your groomsmen be happier out in the woods than in a bar? We have plenty of products that’ll make them even happier.

First, there’s the Trayvax Ration provisions kit. It works as a food storage solution and a camp stove. As a storage solution, it has a large open bay to hold all your freeze-dried, packaged, or otherwise shelf-stable food. There’s also plenty of room for bottled water. As a camp stove, it’s reliable and quick. It’s great for boiling water for tea or noodles or heating a can of beans.

Another great option for the outdoorsman in your party is the Trayvax Trek field knife. Its lightweight fixed blade and skeletonized frame make it feel almost weightless. It stays sharp after cutting through meat, cardboard, and even wood. This knife is great for cutting back brush or cutting kindling for a small fire. No groomsman would want to be caught without it.

Belts and Hoodies for the Fashion-Forward

Now, for the man who wants to look nice, a black Cinch belt is one of the best choices. It’s tough enough to stay strong in both work and play, but stylish enough to look good anywhere you wear it. And it’s inexpensive enough to get one for each of your groomsmen. With six interchangeable buckles, including the new Titanium and Forest Green, you could get each groomsman a different buckle but still have the belts match. Any fashionable friend will love these belts.

For the other end of the spectrum, the guy who just wants to be comfortable, we have the Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. It’s made with 98% US Cotton, for an extra-thick, extra-warm feeling. It looks pretty striking too, with the blue Trayvax logo standing out against the black fabric of the hoodie. This hoodie even has a large pouch, for hand-warming or holding a wallet. Whether you’re hiking the mountain trails, heading to work on a chilly day, or even just lounging at home, the Trayvax Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie is a great gift for your groomsmen.

Not Your Average Wallets

Trayvax has all sorts of cool metal wallets for your coolest groomsmen. Impress your best man with a Trayvax Contour. Coming in stainless steel, titanium, and brass, this wallet looks great in any color. Its cage-shaped form and leather strap give it a unique look. Despite being slim enough to fit into a front pocket, the Contour can hold up to 13 cards. It even has the perfect window for an ID, so your groomsmen can easily get their drinks from the cash bar. And with its integrated bottle opener, they can pop those drinks open wherever they’re standing. They’ll attract attention, and everyone will want to know where they got those wallets.

original wallet metal

If you want something that actually looks like a wallet, though, the Original 2.0 is what you’ll want. It’s a durable metal wallet that comes in several colors. It’s made of airplane-grade aluminum and stainless steel, so it won’t fall apart. Even its paracord bindings are strong. They’re military-grade, after all.  This strong yet slim wallet is spacious too, holding up to 15 cards and 5 bills. On top of all this, it’s popular. Out of over 6000 reviews, the vast majority are 5-star. With that many rave reviews, your groomsmen will love these wallets too.

In Conclusion

No matter what your groomsmen are interested in, Trayvax has an option for it. For the outdoorsmen in your party, try a Ration camp stove. A Trek Field Knife is another good option, as it’s sharp, durable, and lightweight. A fashionable groomsman would love a Cinch belt, especially one with a blue, forest green, or titanium buckle. On the other hand, a groomsman who values comfort will find it in a Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. Anyone would be happy to receive the unique Trayvax Contour wallet, with its striking colors and design. For a popular wallet that’s great in any pocket, give your groomsmen our Original 2.0 wallets. And when they’re done with them, their families will know of your wedding, too. With our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, stories and wallets can be passed down.

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