Are Slim Wallets Really Worth It?

Are Slim Wallets Really Worth It?

Slim wallets, also known as front pocket wallets, can be expensive. Some people think that they’re paying too much for too little. That’s not the case; slim wallets are perfect for their price points. Whether you want something popular, tough, super-slim, or just plain simple, we here at Trayvax have a wallet you can afford.

Not All Slim Wallets Are Expensive

Our Original 2.0 wallet has a slim profile and a relatively low price point. At only $34.99, it won’t break the bank. It has some great features for that price, too. It comes in several fun colors, including blue and green. Despite being slim, it has room for up to 15 cards. And it’s made from some of our strongest metals. The front plate is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the backplate is stainless steel. Even the paracord bindings are durable. They’re military-grade, and won’t snap easily. For all these reasons, it\'s our most popular wallet. It has over 6000 reviews, and the majority of them are 5-star. This wallet is worth the price, and that price isn’t too steep.

Just Tough Enough

At $69.99, the Trayvax Element is a bit more expensive than the Original 2.0, but it’s still worth the price. This wallet comes in four leather colors and two metal, and you can easily find one to match your interests. But it’s not just fashionable, it’s rugged. This wallet can keep up with you wherever you go. If you’re out in the woods, it won’t break if you trip and fall onto some rocks. Fishing? It can get a bit wet with little trouble. And even when you’re at work, this tactical slim minimalist wallet is right at home. No steel-toed boot or linoleum floor can slow it down. With its secure attachment point, it can be secured to a keychain, then to your belt or pocket. This wallet won’t be getting lost or stolen anytime soon. And like the Original 2.0, it has plenty of room for cards, up to 10 of them, in fact. For these reasons, the Element is worth the price.

element wallet

Ascent: Worth Its Small Weight

If you want a wallet slim enough to fit anywhere, the Trayvax Ascent is the one for you. Its price of $59.99 is between the first two. And is it worth this price? Absolutely! If you have small pockets or want to keep your wallet in your jacket, you’ll like this one. It can fit even the smallest pockets, a hoodie’s pouch, or a gym bag. Your cards are easily extracted with its strong nylon pull tab. It can hold up to 7 of them, so you won’t be without your most important cards. And while it isn’t quite as tough as the Element, the Ascent can still hold its own. With its top-grain leather and melonite-finished stainless-steel frame, this is a wallet that can stay with you. And once you’re done with it, it can stay with your son, thanks to our 65-year Heirloom Warranty.

Trayvax Axis: Simple And Slim

The Trayvax Axis has a slim profile and a middle-of-the-road price. It’s a simple wallet, but it’s still good. Made of metal and nylon, it’s cruelty-free. And despite being so slim, it can hold up to 14 cards. And with a secure attachment point, it’ll stay right where you clip it. With its easy-access ID window, you’ll be able to show your age or other ID information as easily as reaching into your pocket. You can show it to the bartender and get your drinks easily. And despite its simple construction, it’s a hardy wallet. It won’t fall apart from a single fall, and the metal clasp will stay closed. All in all, this wallet is worth the price too.

In Conclusion

Our slim wallets are affordable and more than worth their price. And we have one for everybody. If you need something strong, fun, and popular, try the Original 2.0. If rugged toughness is more your speed, then a Trayvax Element is one you might like. If you need a wallet that’s super-slim, try a Trayvax Ascent. It can fit into your life and any pockets you have. And if you just need something simple, the Trayvax Axis is the one for you. These wallets range in price from $35-70, and they are all covered by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty. So for less than $100, you’ll be able to get a wallet that’ll stay in the family for generations.

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