by Brian Zig February 14, 2020 3 min read


Embracing Minimalism: Living Simple in the Outdoors

There is no doubt that life is filled with highs and lows, a roller coaster ride if you will. Learning how to live fully in both good and hard times is a skillset that many desire. We are all secretly seeking a better life filled with a healthy balance of satisfaction and recognition. Intentionally living a minimalist lifestyle can be difficult in the beginning but ultimately can provide some life changing magic. Decluttering and organizing your world will provide a simpler life.

How do we make simple changes in our life to make it better for longevity?

A company is no different when it comes to this concept. Every company has afounding story, a growth of success, some failures along the way & inevitably an exit strategy. This is the life of any company. 

At Trayvax, we are committed to taking a minimalist approach in every product we create.

Recycling Leather?

This can be seen through our approach towards sustainability issues created in our manufacturing process. If you understandhow we create leather wallets, you may notice the left over leather straps from the wallets we create. We have taken this into account & have done our best to minimize the wasted leather material left behind.


We have created various products such as thecord wranglers out of necessity. Of course they are incredibly useful in purpose but they also allow us to reduce the undesirable excess leather. Eventually we are left with leather “scraps” as seen above.

For now we are simply saving these scraps in hopes one day we will find a purpose for them. Leather is difficult to recycle.How leather is mademakes it strenuous to breakdown or mold into a uniform shape to be reused. After all leather is a by product of the food industry and always will be.

If you have any ideas on how to help with this problem we would love to hear from you. You can email me directly at



Creating Products for the Outdoors:

All of our products are designed to be used as your everyday carry for all your outdoor adventures. We want YOU to get outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Our hope is that we create products that enrich these experiences. 

Mark, Trayvax’s founder, has taken steps to ensure employees have a healthy balance of work and play.Our manufacturing facility in Bellingham, WA operates 10am-3:30pm five days a week to ensure this. He encourages Trayvax employees to seek out recreational pursuits, finding a healthy balance between work and play.

Taking Only the Essentials:

Encouraging everyone tohave less stuffand understanding the importance of being frugal comes with discipline. As I write this blog post I am currently traveling in Hokkaido, Japan, on a three week backcountry snowboard trip. One thing I instantly realized while traveling to this foreign country was the awareness of consumption. This idea of only buying when necessary has reshaped my logic to consuming products. 

Defining success goes way beyond monetary gain, items such as clothes & cars are rewards but not success. It is up to you to define what your success story looks like, to pursue a story you are proud of. Do not be afraid to purge your life of the "things" that do not add benefit.

The freedom of cleansing your daily environment of things you do not need allows for a more carefree existence. 

-A minimalist approach to life provides for simple living
-As a company we strive to reduce wasted materials
-Living life does not mean buying "stuff"
-Purchase products that work as tools to enrich your experiences


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