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Earn Your Story Video Series

Get out there. In order to Earn Your Story sometimes it requires leaving everything else behind in order to learn something about yourself. This requires us to push ourselves, to challenge ourselves and force ourselves to be a little uncomfortable.

If we put in the hard work we will gain the amazing experience waiting for us on the other side. Compromising the process only compromises the reason for venturing outside in the first place. It is the split-second moments of natural bliss that we all seek and only comes with the dedication to creating your own story.

The world offers an endless stream of pure, raw beauty. At Trayvax, we truly believe in creating a life worth remembering and earning the story you were destined for. We are all in this together, we want to encourage our customers to seek out things that push growth forward. The Earn Your Story Video Series was created to give an insider look at the explorers who are living out their story.

Who is Michael Dyrland?

“To be an artist - is very challenging. It feels like the world is against you the whole time until you have that final product. I really try and create moments, it is why I love photography. To be able to not only capture an image but also live the experience and the things that come along with that.”

Meet Michael Dyrland, a professional photographer who has a niche for capturing nature's beauty. Growing up hiking, snowboarding, and biking with his father, Michael grew a profound connection to nature's beauty at a young age. 

From spending three weeks on a glacier, experiencing the northern lights in winter or standing inside the steam vents of a volcano - Michael’s professional career has taken him to some far out places. He feels fortunate to go out to these full on places, live the incredible experiences they offer and then bring back the stories to his community. 

Michael has tapped into the natural world through his experiences. Using his photography skills to create moving pieces of art that raise concerns about a worldwide issue, ocean pollution.  


What is HAZMAT Surfing?

If we can not go surfing now - imagine 25 years in the future! What is that going to look like?”

Surfing in HAZMAT suits was created from the idea of taking drastic measures to surf in the near future. The purpose is to create awareness around ocean contamination & the gloomy destiny that awaits if action is not taken. 

Michael shot photos that went viral of a surfer in a hazmat suit on a famous Los Angeles beach. Since then he has created Hazmat Surfing 2.0: Hawaii Edition to continue his pursuit to raise global awareness on ocean conservation. 

Watch as Michael of Dyrland Productions gives Trayvax an inside look at how he captured images that spoke a thousand words in every world language. 



Earn Your Story Take Away:

“So if you have an idea, you have to run with it. If you do not run with it, it is going to float away. It is a commitment to creating that piece, the time it takes. The energy that you need to actually go and do it - that is probably one of the biggest things people struggle with. Going through with something that you are passionate about.” -Michael Dyrland 


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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