Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Did you know that people plan to spend around $175.41 on their loved ones on Valentine’s Day? For reference, that’s one hundred dollars more than what people pay for their monthly water bill. Since Valentine’s Day is an annual thing, it would be in your best interests to buy a gift that won’t break the bank – your front pocket wallet will thank you for it!

You’ll be able to save and continue to spoil your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but you won’t get on their bad side by giving them an affordable gift. In this post, we’ve put together a few of the gifts that they’ll absolutely love – don’t worry, how much they cost will be a secret between us.

Affordable Gifts For Her

#1 Loungewear Set

Get your girlfriend a loungewear set that’s sure to become her go-to thing to wear for self-care afternoons or on laid-back weekends. Although there are expensive loungewear sets, you don’t need to break the bank to bring luxury to your girlfriend’s wardrobe. There are lots of loungewear sets that are as lightweight as those that cost hundreds of dollars. If your girlfriend isn’t into silky sets, an alternative is a pullover that’s made from a comfortable material such as fleece. 


#2 Comb

Is your girl tired of carrying a big hairbrush in her bag? She’ll love it if you gave her one that fits in her wallet on Valentine's Day. A wallet comb like the Shift Wallet Comb is so compact that it can fit inside a front pocket wallet. It may be as thin as a credit card but it’s as durable as a standard comb. That way, even if she’s bringing a tiny bag to your date, dropping her comb into her purse won’t be a problem.

#3 Dried Flowers

Flowers are a waste because they tend to wilt away by the end of the day. For Valentine’s Day, give your girlfriend an arrangement of dried flowers as they are more long-lasting. They cost the same as fresh flowers, anyway, but considering that they’ll last for at least a year, they’re the better option. It’s the kind of gift that will make your girlfriend – and your front pocket wallet – love you even more.

Affordable Gifts For Him

#1 RFID Wallet

Your boyfriend probably owns a bi-fold wallet for men, but does he own an RFID wallet? Probably not. That’s why you should give him an RFID wallet for Valentine’s Day. This kind of wallet blocks radio waves that criminals use to wirelessly steal the data that’s written on credit cards, passports, and more. With a metal RFID wallet, your man won’t have to worry about walking in crowds where there’s always a risk that an RFID skimming device is waiting for its victim.

#2 Tactical Webbing Belt

The great thing about giving a tactical webbing belt on Valentine’s Day is that there’s no way to get it wrong. That’s because tactical belts can be fastened by friction – that means they’ll always wrap around your boyfriend’s waist, whatever the circumference. Plus, your boyfriend can clip his essentials, such as his bi-fold wallet for men, onto his tactical web belt to make sure that they never leave his side. Don’t forget to pair your Valentine’s Day gift with the appropriate buckle (like the Cinch Belt Buckle), or else he won’t be able to wear it!

cinch belt

#3 Clip Keychain

Keychains are known for being the go-to gift for people that don’t know what to get. Fortunately, if you want to give your boyfriend a keychain for Valentine’s Day, you can choose a clip keychain accessory that doesn’t look like an afterthought. The Trayvax Link Lanyard, for example, isn’t only a keychain, but also a functional addition to your boyfriend’s essentials. It’s where he can clip his front pocket wallet, car keys, house keys, and even a water bottle if it’s not too heavy!

How Much Should You Spend on Valentine’s Day?

Even if Americans spend hundreds of dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts, you don’t have to drain your bank account to buy them a gift they’ll like. If you want to get a gift that costs $5 or $50, it’s your choice. What’s important is that you make an effort to look for something they’re sure to appreciate. 

At Trayvax, we take pride in our exceptionally well-made products, particularly our wallets for men and women. Have a look at our selection to find the perfect gift to give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

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