7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For People Who Have It All

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For People Who Have It All

Buying a Valentine’s Day gift is hard as it is – but buying a gift for someone who seems to have it all can be impossible. What if you want to get them a wallet, but there’s a good chance that they already own one? What if all you can afford is a keychain, but you don’t want to look cheap, either?

Fortunately, with a bit of creativity, it doesn’t have to be. If you can’t put your finger on what to get your partner for Heart’s Day, we’ve put together a few gifts that they’re sure to love.

#1 RFID Steel Wallet

They probably own a wallet, but do they own an RFID steel wallet? Surprise your loved ones with an RFID-blocking wallet this Valentine’s Day to show them how much you care about their security. This wallet can block radio waves, which are what RFID skimmers use to wirelessly steal the data on credit cards.


It’s how you can look out for them for those times when you can’t be by their side! For a boujee touch, look for an RFID-blocking wallet that’s made from premium materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and more, just like the wallets from Trayvax.

#2 Clip-on Keychain

Keychains are known as “afterthought” gifts – you know, the kind of gifts you would get when you’ve forgotten that it’s Valentine’s Day. If you’re in that situation, don’t make it obvious that you’ve forgotten what day it is. Instead, get them something that looks like you took the time to pick it out for them, like a clip-on keychain. Compared to other keychains that look like you got them from a gift shop, a clip-on keychain has a specific function. Your partner can use it to carry their car keys, house keys, front pocket wallet, etc. so that they can always keep an eye on their essentials.

#3 Gift Vouchers

If you want to play it safe, give your partner a gift voucher for Valentine’s Day. That way, you won’t have to worry about what to buy because they can use it to purchase whatever they want. If they want to pick out a front pocket wallet, RFID-blocking wallet, keychain, etc., that’s entirely up to them. It’s the perfect gift for very picky people. Plus, what makes a gift card perfect is that they don’t need to use it ASAP – they can keep it for now, and then take it out when they find a product that they like.

#4 Subscription Box

If you have no idea what to give your Valentine, explore subscription boxes. Beware, though – a subscription box leans towards the expensive side of Valentine’s Day gifts, but if you don’t mind going over budget for your loved ones, by all means, go for it! This gift allows your partner to discover a variety of products that they never would’ve found on their own.

#5 Key Carry System

As an alternative to the clip-on keychain, you can give your Valentine a key-carry system like the Trayvax Keydex. If your partner tends to keep their keys in their front pocket wallet, a key-carry system can help keep their credit cards scratch-free.


As a rule of thumb, your partner should never put their keys in their wallet (even if it’s a durable RFID-blocking wallet) because this will eventually scratch its contents. Make sure they preserve their wallet for as long as possible by giving them a key-carry system on Valentine’s Day.

#6 A Weekend Away

Your partner probably won’t tell you this, but they don't want to be around you all the time. They want time away, as well. That is why you should consider giving them time away from you for Valentine’s Day. Think about what they’d like to do without you. For instance, if your girlfriend has been wanting to go on a spa day with her friends, spoil her with R&R and pay for their spa trip. If your boyfriend has been wanting to go on a biking tour, give him a bike on Valentine’s Day as a “go signal”. If you show that you support your partner in their passions (even when they sometimes don’t involve you), they’ll love you even more.

#7 Dinner Date

You don’t need to break the bank to give your loved one the Valentine’s Day date they deserve. By recreating your first date, you’ll be able to sweep them off of their feet again. If you visited a restaurant on your first date, spend your Valentine’s Day there to relive the memories. Not only will it be movie-level romantic, but it’ll also be budget-friendly. Your RFID-blocking wallet will be grateful.


You need to be a bit creative to figure out what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Even if they have it all, you can still surprise them with inexpensive items that they never would’ve expected to get. Continue your search at Trayvax, where we have a wide selection of Valentine’s Day-worthy gifts that are perfect for everyone.

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