5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants in 2023

5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants in 2023

Many women find it difficult to find gifts for their boyfriends because they rarely hint at what they want – or if they do, it’s usually limited to one item that’s way over-budget. If you’ve always struggled to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, you’ve come to the right place. If he’s not expressive when it comes to what he expects to receive, we’ve put together this guide to help you buy a gift that your loved one will love.

#1 Clip-on Keychain

A clip-on keychain makes it easy to carry essentials. If your significant other keeps losing their things, such as their car keys, house keys, etc., a keychain accessory like the Keyton Clip Carabiner can help them keep tabs on their everyday carry (EDC). It features a hard-wearing carabiner clip so he can rest assured that his essentials aren’t going anywhere. It’s one way to make sure that his essentials stay in his pocket and look sleek at the same time.

clip on key chain

#2 Tactical Webbing Belt

For a practical gift, get your boyfriend a tactical webbing belt for Hearts’ Day. Not only is it something that he can wear every day, but it’s also a low-maintenance belt that can be worn with a casual or classy ensemble. Best of all, it’s long-lasting, so he can wear it decades down the road. Be sure to pair it with the Cinch Belt Buckle because how else will he be able to wrap it around his waist?

#3 Front Pocket Wallet

If you to gift your partner with a timeless piece, you may want to consider a classic bi-fold wallet for men. This type of wallet is perfect for all types of men, whether they prefer casual or corporate wear. Be sure to buy a bi-fold or billfold that’s made of durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, so they can bring it to work or even to a hiking trip over the weekend.

The best wallets you can buy are slim wallets for men. That’s because men tend to carry their wallets in their pockets – if their wallet is too bulky, it’ll create an outline in their pants that looks odd. Besides, it’s one way to keep him safe from pickpockets.

#4 Pocket Knife

There are two reasons why he may want a pocket knife – first, it’s a tool for self-defense, and second, it’s useful for outdoor trips. Even though he’s strong, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a pocket knife so he can protect himself if he ever gets attacked.

Do remember to remind him that the pocket knife should be reserved for self-defense and that it should never be used for violence. Also, make sure that its blade is less than twelve inches long, otherwise, it would be illegal to keep it in the pocket. If possible, look for a pocket knife that can fit inside slim wallets for men.

pocket knife

A pocket knife is also the perfect gift for men that like to go on outdoor trips. It can be used to start a fire, prepare food, split wood, and so on. Look for a pocket knife that’s capable of scout-carry like the Trayvax Field Knife.

#5 Notebook

A notebook is a safe gift for your boyfriend as it’s unlikely that they won’t want it. Everyone needs a notebook, whether to write down notes, make to-do lists, and more. What’s important is that you buy a notebook that doesn’t look like it’s from a store for school supplies. Keep in mind that he’s a grown man, so he needs something age-appropriate like a men’s notebook wallet. To be as classy as possible, choose a notebook wallet that’s made from premium materials like cowhide.

Unlike a kid’s notebook, a men’s notebook wallet functions both as a bi-fold wallet for men and a notebook. It typically comes with compartments for cards, cash, and a passport, as well as a pocket for the notepad, and a slot for a space pen.

#6 Pullover Hoodie

This is a Valentine’s Day gift that you can’t go wrong with. Everyone has owned a pullover at some point in their lives. They’re very versatile pieces that can be worn with anything, whether sweatpants or tailored trousers. If your man has been wearing the same hoodie for ages (or if you’ve secretly stolen his), a heavyweight hoodie is a great gift for Hearts’ Day.


Contrary to popular belief, boyfriends or husbands aren’t that hard to find gifts for. If you want to continue your search, check out Trayvax’s wide selection of Valentine’s Day-worthy products that he’s sure to love.

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