The Best Valentines Gifts For Him and Her 2023

The Best Valentines Gifts For Him and Her 2023

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to show your significant other how much you love them with a thoughtful gift or two. But with so many options out there, how do you make sure that you buy the best Valentine’s Day gift? Should you buy roses and chocolate, or are those too basic? Will buying them a ring seem too straightforward and is it too soon? If you want to buy them a front pocket wallet, what kind of wallet should it be?

If you’re unsure what to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day, here are a few gift suggestions for him and her, from bi-fold wallets for men to gorgeous bags for women.

Best Valentines Gifts For Her

#1 Preserved Roses

It’s time to take out your bi-fold wallet for men and buy your girlfriend preserved roses for Valentine’s Day. Flowers might be too “basic”, but it’s no secret that every girl expects to be given one on the 14th of February. Since she’s already expecting fresh flowers, give her something that she won’t expect – preserved roses. They last a very long time and they look more elegant than regular roses.

#2 Loungewear Set

You can’t go wrong with loungewear. Gift your girl with a loungewear set that she’ll love to live in. They’re perfect for days when all she wants to do is to stay home for an afternoon of self-care. As an alternative, give her a pull-over hoodie so she no longer has to steal yours! Made of the finest fleece, the Trayvax Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie is sure to keep her warm while she relaxes with Netflix, a face mask, and a glass (or two) of wine. 

#3 Clutch Bag

Women’s handbags are becoming smaller, and the time will come when your girlfriend will want to ditch hers for something more subtle. Give her a bag she’ll love for Valentine’s Day by surprising her with a cute clutch such as the Trayvax Roam Clutch.

roam clutch

Made of luxurious materials, the Roam Clutch is something she’ll want to wear everywhere. After all, it can fit everything she already carries in her everyday bag, such as her credit cards, cash, phone, and more.

Best Valentines Gifts For Him

#1 Front Pocket Wallet

If you can no longer stand your man’s bulky bi-fold wallet for men, get him something sleek for heart’s day like a metal front pocket wallet. That’s because, when it comes to wallets, nothing beats slim wallets for men. If he still carries a bulky wallet in his front pocket, he’ll look like he’s from a time when bulky wallets were “in”. And as a bonus, minimalist wallets can make your man’s outfit look ten times better – bid good riddance to the awkward bulge on his pocket!

Our picks:

front pocket mens wallets

#2 Carabiner Clip Keychain

How many times have his keys fallen out of his front pocket? If you’ve lost count, it’s time to buy him a carabiner clip keychain for Valentine’s Day. That way, he can clip his car keys, house keys, front pocket wallet, and the rest of his everyday carry (EDC) onto it so that they never get lost! Unlike other carabiner clip keychains, the Keyton Clip doesn’t look too tactical so that it can be worn with all ensembles. Its strap is made of genuine top-grain leather that’ll develop its patina over time. The carabiner clip itself is made from stainless steel, guaranteeing it’ll last as long as possible.

#3 Notebook Wallet

Apps are practical, but writing things down is way better. If your boyfriend struggles to get things done, think about getting him a men’s notebook wallet – preferably one that looks like a bi-fold wallet for men so that it’s as sleek as possible. He’s more likely to see his plans through if he writes them down on paper. With a notebook, he’ll be able to see his entire week, list down his to-dos, and be able to make time for you. Now there’s no way he’ll take a raincheck on your dates.


Want to window shop more? Check out Trayvax’s wide selection of wallets and accessories to find the perfect Heart's Day gift for your significant other. All of our products are made from the finest materials, so you can make sure that your partner will love them (and you) forever!

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