Best Men's Bifold Wallets and Billfolds

Best Men's Bifold Wallets and Billfolds

You can’t go wrong with a classic bi-fold wallet for men. Fortunately, with today’s bi-fold wallets, you won’t have to worry about the bulk or the bulge. Bi-fold wallets are becoming more and more compact so that you can carry them with convenience.

What is a bi-fold or billfold wallet?

Bi-fold and billfold wallets are often used interchangeably. This is because they mean the same thing. They’re both types of wallets that are split into two sections. In bi-fold wallets for men or billfold wallets, you can find a clip or a compartment in the middle. When flipped over, it folds your bills -- which is why it’s called a bi-fold or billfold.

Unlike other wallets, bi-folds or billfolds can carry all of your cash without wrinkling them. Bi-fold wallets are also slimmer than trifold wallets, making them more comfortable to keep in your pants pocket.

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What should you look for in a bi-fold or billfold wallet?

A bi-fold or billfold wallet is an accessory, hence you should choose the one that suits your style. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a men’s leather bi-fold wallet:

  • Style. Buy a bi-fold wallet for men that can be worn with any outfit. You’ll want a wallet that can complement your fashion sense. Choose a wallet that’s suitable for all occasions, whether formal or casual.
  • Size. Don’t buy a big wallet to prevent yourself from filling it with unnecessary items, otherwise, you’ll end up with a bulge on your bottom. You should only bring the basics.
  • Quality. Choose a billfold wallet that can last a long time. Opt for materials such as metal and leather.
  • Compartments. If you carry cash and cards, you should buy a bi-fold wallet that has enough space for them. You should also never store your cards and coins together, as this can cause scratches.

What’s the best way to avoid the bi-fold wallet bulge?

If you’re worried about the bi-fold wallet bulge, don’t worry. All you have to do to avoid it is to stick to the essentials. This can include your cash, credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, and insurance cards.

You shouldn’t, however, have the following in your bi-fold wallet for men.

  • Passport. You don’t need it daily. As long as you’re still in the country, there’s no reason to carry it in your bi-fold wallet. If you do need your passport, don’t forget to use a passport holder.

 passport holder

  • Keys. If your wallet gets stolen, the thief will be able to find out where you live. They’ll also be able to break in without a sweat.
  • PIN. Don’t write down your PINs. If someone gets their hands on your wallet, they can access your accounts easily.

What are the best bi-folds and billfolds for men?

#1 Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet

The Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet is the epitome of classic leather wallets. It’s incredibly spacious with four standard-sized card slots, and a card pocket for cards you rarely use. Its stand-out feature is the “secret” pocket behind the cash compartment. It’s crafted from premium leather and shows off a polished finish.

#2 Trayavx Axis Wallet

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is a hybrid of a classic men’s leather bi-fold wallet and a contemporary money clip card. It’s split into two, with one section for cards and another for cash. It takes the definition of “billfold” literally because you have to fold the bills to fit them underneath the metal money clip.

axis wallet

#3 Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet

It looks like leather but it isn’t. In fact, it may even be better than leather. If a black leather wallet for men is too “basic” for you, try the Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet. Made of durable polymer-infused material, it’s resistant to wear and tear. It features rounded edges that make it easy to slip -- not snag --  into your pocket.

#4 Fielder’s Choice Classics Billfold Wallet

If you want something that’s more “stripped down”, you can’t go wrong with the Fielder’s Choice Classics Billfold Wallet. If you’re thinking, “That looks like a baseball glove,” that’s because it sort of is. This minimalist leather wallet is crafted from full-grain leather and accented with swatches of aged baseball gloves.

#5 Travelon RFID-Blocking Billfold Wallet

If security is at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a bifold wallet, opt for the Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold. It boasts Travelon’s signature minimalist style, with nothing but the brand’s logo in one corner. With eight slots and a wide cash compartment, it lets you carry all of your credit cards, debit cards, and paper money.


If you’re shopping for men’s bi-fold wallets, start by browsing Travelon’s online store. We have a wide selection of minimalist leather wallets that can safely store your cash, cards, and more. The best part? Our wallets are sleek and simple, so you can accessorize them however you’d like.

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