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If you’re tired of carrying around a big bi-fold wallet for men, we’re here to introduce you to ascaled-down solution: aslim money clip wallet. Money clips are a convenient way to carry your cash and cards sans the bulk of a bi-fold wallet. Given that most men these days carry more cards than cash, clip cards are a great option.

Whether you’re looking for a leather money clip wallet or metal money clip-card holder, we’ve rounded up the best money clip wallets that money can buy.

Benefits of Money Clip Wallets

But first, what is a money clip card wallet, anyway? If you’ve never seen one before, a money clip wallet is a slim wallet that stores cash and cards by holdingthem in place. Here are some reasons why you should consider switching to a money clip-card wallet:

  • They’re sleek and stylish. Those in the corporate world want a compact wallet that they can slip into their side pocket. Plus, it’s the perfect wallet to use if you want to look as sleek as possible.
  • They’re discreet. No one will notice that you’re carrying a clip card wallet. It won’t create creases when you slip it into your pocket. This is because many leather money clip wallets were designed with men’s tailored suits in mind.
  • They’re small. If you don’t like bringing a bag when you go out, a slim money clip wallet is the solution. It’s so slim that it’ll fit into the tightest trousers.


Best Money Clip Wallets for Men

Convinced that you need a money clip wallet for men? Choose a clip card holder from our top picks, so that you don’t have to spend another second without one.

#1 Herschel Raven RFID

The Herschel Raven is a budget-friendly wallet that boasts the brand’s signature “stripped down” aesthetic. It has RFID-blocking technology to protect your personal information from theft. With three spacious card slots, it can carry your driver’s license, credit cards, and debit cards. It comes in several styles including Red, Black, Denim, and Crosshatch.

It’s a casual money clip wallet that’s perfect for college men, but we can’t see it working for those in the corporate world. If you’re looking for something sleeker, check out our second choice.

#2 Fossil Neel Magnetic Card Case

This Fossil money clip wallet was made for the minimalist man. Crafted from the finest leather, it slowly takes the shape of its contents, plus it can last a lifetime. It has three card slots, a magnetic money clip, and slide pockets for storing more money.

It offers a luxurious feel, making it the perfect wallet for the sophisticated man. It comes in brown and black, with both styles showing off subtle streaks across the leather.

#3 Bexar Goods Vertical Card Wallet

The Bexar Goods Vertical Card Wallet is the perfect combination of a bi-fold wallet and a clip card wallet. Crafted from harness leather, this saddle-stitched clip card holder features four card slots and two slip pockets. On the outside, you can find a brass money clip that stands out against the tanned leather.

This leather money clip wallet is a must-have for anyone who wants to slim down their wallet size but isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to their bi-fold.

#4 Trayvax Element Wallet

The Trayvax Element Wallet is rugged yet refined. It’s around the size of a standard credit card, which makes it one of the most compact clip wallets in the world. What’s great about this wallet is its style. It is crafted with stainless steel and leather, creating a secure yet stylish clip card holder for any occasion.

element minimalist metal RDIF wallet

Unlike most money clip holders, its metallic clip is found within the wallet. This prevents your cash from falling out. It also features a card selection window for your convenience.

#5 Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

Fancy a fun wallet? If you aren’t into minimalist money clip holders, you’ll be happy to hear that they come in unconventional colors, too. With the Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet, you can choose from sixteencolors and styles. So, if you’re worried that your wallet won’t match your outfit, worry no more!

It also comes with a window in case you want to show off your ID for the world to see. Plus, its money clip is made from fine-grain leather to securely hold your money in place.


More and more men are trading their bulky bi-fold wallets for money clip cards. If you don’t want to get left behind, check out our catalog. We have a wide selection of men’s wallets that will put your current wallet to shame. 

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