What is the Best Quality Leather Wallet for Men?

What is the Best Quality Leather Wallet for Men?

If you are looking to buy a leather wallet, you are going to find yourself facing a lot of options and alternatives. What with innovations and modernized designs, leather wallets have ceased being synonymous with being bi-fold and old-fashioned. Nowadays, you will see a variety of minimalist leather wallets, slim card-holders with money clips, and so on. To help you decide which product is the most suited for you, we are going to take a look at some of the leather wallets available at Trayvax.com.

Leather Wallets for Men offered by Trayvax

Renegade Zipper Wallet

If you are looking for something nice and simple to store your coins and cash in, along with some other small valuables, this Renegade Zipper Wallet might be where your search ends. Featuring a strong and robust design with a no-frills appearance, this wallet is suitable for storing keys, coins, and other similar objects that can't find a place in your actual slim money clip wallet.

Alternatively, you could use it to carry your cards and cash but that sort of use may prove to be a bit difficult owing to its large dimensions. With a length of 6.25 inches, this wallet can't very well fit in your pocket…unless you are like 7 ft. tall.

Trayvax Ascent

The Trayvax Ascent is a great choice for those who are looking to go slim and compact. This RFID blocking wallet is capable of holding 4–7 cards along with 1–5 folded bills. If you are someone who mainly uses cards for shopping but likes to keep a few bills just in case, this wallet is perfect for you.

ascent wallet leather men rfid

The Trayvax Ascent is a front pocket wallet and can be easily carried around thanks to its small size. The design features tough-looking stitches on the edges and a durable stainless steel frame for added strength. Among the slim wallets for men offered by Trayvax, the Ascent is the most reasonably priced; something which can be the deciding factor for a lot of potential buyers.

Element Wallet

While the Ascent wallet has a dominating leather body, the Trayvax Element has a more balanced look that features a significant amount of steel. For customers looking to buy metal wallets for men, the Trayvax Element is a good choice.

element leather rfid metal mens wallet

This wallet features a slim design that can hold 3-10 cards and 1-5 bills. It comes with an integrated money clip for holding the cash. A leather strap runs around the back of the wallet and securely fastens at the front. This keeps your cards and bills safe, and less prone to fall out, etc. The front side of the wallet has a little window that helps you select which card you want to take out.

All in all, the Trayvax Element is one of the best minimalist wallets available at the site. It offers RFID protection and is TSA-approved.

Contour Wallet

The Trayvax Contour wallet comes with a somewhat larger price tag. For 139.99 USD, this wallet comes with an exceptional aesthetic and durable generational construction. The metal used in the design is CNC-machined and has a PVD coating on top to complement the existing durability. The clasp is adjustable viz. it can be slid up and down according to your preference.

contour leather minimalist metal wallet men

Essentially, the Contour Wallet is a modern-looking product that offers you a decent cash/card storage space. The appearance is minimalistic and the leather volume in the construction is also stylish to look at. The Contour is definitely worth the investment.

Of all the metal wallets for men offered by Trayvax, the Contour has the most defined and sophisticated metal element in it.

Summit Notebook

Slim wallets for men are great and all, but some people may be more partial to that bi-fold look. Luckily, with the Summit Notebook, you can enjoy a bi-fold construction without having to step out of the ‘slim’ category.

notebook leather wallet minimalist men

The salient feature of the Summit Notebook is that it comes with a ballpoint and notebook included. The ballpoint goes into a dedicated space at the spine of the wallet while the notebook can be placed inside, opposite to the cards. If you want to store some cash in this wallet, you can choose to use the money clip at the back or you can simply take out the notebook and use the space inside.

The Verdict

Now, we come to answering the question and the reason behind the enumeration of all these products: What is the best quality leather wallet for men?

The answer, however, is not an absolute one. If you are looking to buy a minimalist leather wallet without spending too much money, the Trayvax Ascent is the right product for you. It has the aesthetics that are associated with slim wallets for men but at the same time, it is affordable. If you are, however, looking to go more premium, the Contour is probably the wallet you are looking for. Last but not least, if you are looking to stick to a bi-fold wallet but are looking to enjoy the compactness of slim wallets, the Summit Notebook is probably worth a glance.

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