Best Men’s Wallet Brands in 2021

Best Men’s Wallet Brands in 2021

There are a number of fantastic wallet brands out there this year. But which ones are the best? Today, we’re counting down the top five men’s wallet brands of 2021. This is only my personal opinion, though. Your outlook on this topic might be a little different. And I’ll keep it fair by trying to keep them grouped by similar materials (leather, nylon, a bit of metal). All that being said, let’s dive in.

#5: Gucci

The Gucci wallet. Men the world over, from celebrities to average Joes, can be seen carrying them. They’re high fashion; the picture of luxury. A sleek black wallet from this brand will turn heads at even the fanciest soiree. So why are they at the bottom of the list? The answer is simple: The extreme price tag. Even the cheapest of their products is in the triple digits. And for a good one? Prepare to have a lighter wallet from buying a wallet. My advice? Skip this one, go for something that won’t break the bank.

#4: Travelon

Travelon has a number of wallets for a number of situations. They can be bought fairly cheaply through Amazon, and are going to get to you quickly. But the mass-produced, warehouse-filling wallets aren’t really much when compared to something strong and handmade. Some say it looks and feels just as cheap as it is, or that it doesn’t match the pictures. Some are even falsely advertised! And beware, for there’s no warranty information to be found on it. If the wallet falls apart, or doesn’t work the way it should, you’re out of luck, which is why it isn’t higher on the list.

#3: Tommy Hilfiger

 This trendy brand has a number of wallets and card holders for any budget. A lot of them are just card holders, which is unfortunate if you want to carry cash. But the wallets they do have are nicely sized and reasonably priced. I couldn’t open up the return policy page to check it, though, so unless there’s information about that after you’ve purchased one, it might be a little risky to buy one from their website. If they get that fixed, they might be higher on next year’s list.

#2: Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is an up-and-coming Lithuanian leather brand.  Their prices are in the middle of the pack, being more expensive than Travelon, but cheaper by far than Gucci. Crazy Horse wallets come in many colors, from black to red, and they even have multi-item packages. One problem that keeps this brand from the top of the list is the shipping times and costs of getting a tiny product all the way from Europe to America. The emissions from such a lengthy trip are nothing to sneeze at, either. They also have a very small return window, so if a problem presents itself more than two weeks after you receive it, you may be stuck with a faulty wallet and no way to return it.

#1: Trayvax

 And of course, the #1 wallet brand this year is Trayvax. We’ve been trying so many new things. From the Contour, a cool metal wallet that we accidentally made a beautiful iridescent blue, to the Ascent, a slim minimalist wallet that gained popularity with small-pocketed men throughout the United States.

iridescent blue

It may not be as cheap as other brands, but that’s because Trayvax is high-quality. Our leather is sourced and made in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about airplane emissions or international shipping costs. You’ll even be helping to generate jobs here, because people need to hand-make the wallets. If you buy a Trayvax, you won’t be disappointed.

wallet usa made

We guarantee quality with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty. If anything fails between now and 2086, just let us know, and we’ll replace it or make it right. Your sons and grandsons will use our fashionable, durable men’s wallets long after you.


Out of the many brands of wallets under the sun, Trayvax is the best. Other brands may have their benefits, but ours are the all-around best. With no insane prices, what you see is what you get, and it’s all American-made, so the shipping costs are reasonable too. We have so many options for men’s wallets, you’ll never need to look anywhere else. With our special warranty, your whole family will love our wallets for years, even decades to come. For 2021 and beyond, Trayvax is the brand for you.

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