Is it Bad to Have a Thick Wallet?

Is it Bad to Have a Thick Wallet?

Is it bad to have a thick wallet? In a word, no. Wallet size is a personal choice. Thick, thin, long, or even a clutch. And whichever you prefer, Trayvax has what you want.


Thick wallets are able to hold multiple items, more than any slim wallet. One of the finest thick wallets you can get is the Summit Notebook. It has all the space you need, and a fun twist. What makes this wallet so thick isn’t credit card space, though it has plenty of that. It has space for up to 8 cards, in fact.

summit notebook thick wallet

No, it’s the included Rite in the Rain notebook and Bullet Space Pen that make up a lot of the bulk. The notebook and pen can help you keep organized, be creative, or just have a bit of fun. Whatever you need to write or draw, this notebook wallet will be right there with you. So, is there anything wrong with a thick wallet? I think not.


On the other hand, a slim wallet is easier for small pockets. A Trayvax Contour is easy to fit into your jacket, your pants, and your life. This cool metal wallet is easy to keep around wherever you are, and this RFID wallet will keep your cards safe from any skimming thieves in the area. It also has a leather money clip to keep your cash at hand.

contour wallet mens minimalist slim

The Contour even has an integrated bottle opener to help you crack open a beer at the big game. Even the smallest wallets can pack a punch, as you can see.

If you want a wallet that’s even slimmer, the Trayvax Ascent would work perfectly. This ultra-slim wallet can fit any front pocket, and it’s built to last. It has a thin but tough stainless-steel frame, filled with top-grain leather and a nylon pull tab. Don’t let its small size fool you, it can hold up to 7 cards with no problem. The black-coated rivets hold it together even in the toughest conditions.

ascent leather slim wallet


If you want both portability and space, a leather clutch is the best option. The Trayvax Roam is a great choice for one. It has everything you need. There’s a space in the back for a cell phone, a soft wool interior for all of your cash, lots of space for cards, and even a few slots for other little items, like bobby pins or a container of Dramamine. It’s perfect for a night on the town, going to work, and even on longer trips.  This beautiful clutch comes in black or brown, with matching wrist, shoulder or crossbody straps.

roam mini leather clutch wallet

But if you want it compact, try a Roam Mini. It’s the same thing, but a little shorter, and without the separate cell phone compartment. It still has space for all your cash, cards and sundries, though. And with its top grain American leather, it’ll hold up to almost anything life can throw at it. Whether you use a wrist strap, a cross-body strap, or even put it into a bigger purse, the Roam Mini clutch is the perfect blend of size, space, strength, and style.


A long wallet works in much the same way as a thick one, but horizontally. Take the Renegade Wallet with Zipper, for instance. It’s bigger than something like the Ascent, but can hold plenty of credit cards, your driver’s license and all the cash you need. It can even hold your coins for laundry. Got receipts you need to hold onto for business expenses? Not a problem with the Renegade.

renegade wallet leather zipper

No slim wallet could keep up. And it’s a perfect handheld wallet for women too. With its dual internal pockets, it can contain all the little necessities a woman on the go could need. And in either black or brown, it looks good with any outfit. Thanks to its nylon stitching, it won’t fall apart at the first pull. It’s large, it’s fashionable, it’s durable. What more could you want from a wallet?


No one wallet type is universally better than another. It’s all down to personal choice and what you want to put into it and get out of it. A big, thick wallet with a built-in notebook, an easy-to-access Ascent, a pretty and well-rounded clutch, or even a long zipper wallet. Whatever you want or need, you can get it from Trayvax.           

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