Are RFID Wallets Safe?

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Every time new technology comes out, there are people skeptical of its safety. RFID-blocking wallets are no different. People wonder about the wallets scratching or demagnetizing cards, messing with cell phones, and some other, more out-there questions. Let’s take a closer look.

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Will an RFID wallet scratch my card’s chip or stripe?

Some wallet brands are a little harsher on cards than others, but if you’re careful, and get a wallet made with the right materials, there shouldn’t be any problems. For example, metal wallets can be a bit harsher on cards than leather ones. If you’re really concerned about this, give the Ascent a try.

ascent wallet minimalist leather

This slim minimalist wallet is made of soft but durable leather, which won’t scrape up your cards. They’ll be safe from harm in its slim profile, and safe from skimmers thanks to its metal frame. They’ll even be safe from pickpockets, as its small size makes it harder to see in even your tiniest pockets.

Will it demagnetize my cards?

No, the RFID-blocking technology can’t demagnetize your card. On the contrary, some RFID-blockers can actually keep interference from doing so. Sometimes, signals can get out of hand, and your card will suffer for it. If you have a hotel key card in your wallet, you might even be locked out of your room when this happens. Keep them safe from these signals, and from other threats, with a Trayvax Element.

Element Leather Wallet For Men

Your cards and cash will survive a freak rainstorm, some muddy off-roading, a tumble onto some rocks, and even falling out of a tree. The stainless steel and top-grain leather won’t quit, no matter how tough the job is.

Does it even work?

Absolutely! Some work better than others, of course, but they can all give you peace of mind. And when you want the best, try the Armored Summit. It blocks up to 95.1% of RFID signals. No one’s getting your sensitive data unless you want them to.

Armored Summit Wallet

And it becomes even more useful when you pair it with the Notebook add-on. With this, you can write, draw, plan, and still protect your data. You’ll be safe from unwanted charges, identity theft, poor planning, and of course boredom. It’s a great combo, and I never leave home without mine.

Will it block cell phone signal?

There’s a chance it could, but not a big one. Bluetooth and GPS, on the other hand, might get interrupted if your phone case contains an RFID blocker. The best way to make sure you can still hear your music, and not get lost, is by keeping your wallet and your phone in separate pockets. This also protects your cards, especially weaker ones like hotel room keys, from getting demagnetized by your phone. When you really want to keep them apart, try a Roam clutch. It has a special pocket for your phone, and is big enough to fit a slimmer wallet into it for extra protection. Pair the two up, and let your worries go.

Will the metals in it give me cancer?

It’s very unlikely. I know the state of California says that a number of innocent and strange things can cause “cancer or reproductive harm,” but they’re just being cautious. You should always be cautious when it comes to your health, but you should also know that the metals used in most RFID wallets are completely safe. For example, stainless steel is often used, and it’s one of the least reactive metals. It’s even used in surgical instruments. Just make sure to do your research, buy from a trustworthy brand, and you’ll be okay.

In conclusion

Are RFID-blocking wallets safe? Yes. They won’t wreck your cards, they’ll protect your sensitive data, and they won’t make you sick. When you’re looking for the best, Trayvax is the way to go. Their rugged and reliable gear will keep you safe in all situations. So get one today, and know you’re protected.

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