What EDC Objects Do You Put in Your Pockets?

What EDC Objects Do You Put in Your Pockets?

So, you’re getting ready to walk out the door. What items do you grab to stuff in your pockets? We all have every day carry objects that are must-have objects that we go with us wherever we go. Or, if you’re having a bad day, you forget one of them and realize just how much you depend on it. You see, EDC objects aren’t just wanted items; their necessities. So, what EDC objects do you put in your pockets?

Cell Phone

If you’re like most people, one of the first EDC objects to go in your pocket is your cell phone. And, that makes sense. With a smartphone, it’s more than just communication. It’s your notebook, contact list, map, photo album, entertainment, and information source all at once. Even more, it could be your method of payment. We use our smartphones to do so much. Therefore, it’s going to take up prime space in your pockets.

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Of course, you’re going to have keys in your pockets. And, you are going to have keys for all sorts of doors. For example, you have a key for the door to your house. Or, there are your car keys. Maybe, you have keys for work.

Imagine trying to get anything done without having just one of these keys. So, the keys go in your pockets, too.


Pen and Paper

Now, I know I said that many of us use our smartphones as our notebooks. But, what if your phone’s battery runs out. Or, what if you have trouble accessing your notes app. For whatever reason, there are times when technology fails.

Therefore, you need to rely on old-fashioned pen and paper to write something down. So, as a backup, it’s good to have a pen and paper in your pocket in case you need it. So, they should be EDC objects in your pockets.


Pocket Knife

Wait a minute. You might be wondering why you should carry a pocket knife. But, once you think about it, the answer will seem pretty obvious.

Throughout your day, there might be times when you need to do small tasks that require a knife. For instance, you might need to open a package. Hopefully not, but you never know, you might need a knife in an emergency. Whatever the situation, you’ll be prepared if you have a small knife in your pocket.


Along with the cell phone, making your wallet an EDC object is a no-brainer. You’re going to need money as you go about your day. And, it’s smart to carry both credit cards and cash. You never know when an establishment might be cash only. Or, the carder reader might be out of service.

As for credit cards, you never know when you might need to spend more money than you have in cash on hand. Emergency spending could happen at any moment. And, of course, you’ll want to grab your credit card.

So Many EDC Objects in Your Pockets

With so many EDC objects, your pockets are going to get crowded. And, they’re going to get heavy. So, you need to choose objects that maximize pocket space.

For some objects, like your cell phone, space-saving isn’t going to be an option. Furthermore, while you might limit the keys in your pocket, you still need to carry the necessary keys. Now, you can be selective with your pocket knife.

So, what is the best way to save space, yet still carry the necessary EDC objects?

Using a Minimalist Wallet

That’s right. You can save space in your pockets by using a slim minimalist wallet. Even better, you can get more out of your wallet if you choose a tactical wallet that is minimalist in style.  A wallet like this takes up as much space as a business card wallet. And, it provides RFID protection.

The Best Tactical Minimalist Wallet

So, where do you find a tactical minimalist wallet?

Luckily, Trayvax created the Ascent. The Ascent provides the minimalist wallet size in metal RFID wallet construction with leather-covered stainless steel. Even better, it’s big enough to carry several credits and a few folded bills. So, your cash, credit cards, and ID are all in one place.

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Choose Your EDC Objects Carefully

Yes, you need your EDC objects. But, you also need to choose the right ones. By choosing an RFID front pocket wallet like the Ascent, you’ll be making the right choice for your EDC objects. 

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