Where can I get a slim men's classy wallet?

Where can I get a slim men's classy wallet?

Slim minimalist wallets are awesome. They look good, are easy to carry, and take up little space as compared to bulky bi folds and pocketbooks. Thanks to their sleek profile, you can put them in places such as the inside pocket of your jacket or your breast pocket.

Nowadays, buying a slim wallet is not that hard. There are a lot of online stores that you can visit as well as real-life outlets. There are some tried and tested names in the industry that you can buy from without worrying about getting scammed or ripped off.

In this post, we are going to take a look at a couple of these brands. That way, you won’t have to do the searching and sieving yourself in order to find a reliable and trustworthy seller.

men's wallets leather slim

Dango Products

Coming up first on our list, we have Dango Products. The company has a wide range of offerings which include apparel, accessories, watches, and wallets. Let\'s take a look at some of the available front pocket wallets so that you can decide whether this brand clicks with you or not.

D01 Dapper Wallet

This handcrafted iconic product comes with a rugged look and outstanding utility. The sleek design allows you to store up to 12 cards in the main compartments while the silicone strap can hold some folded bills and receipts.

With 6 cards inside it, the overall thickness of the D01 Dapper is just over 0.3 inches. This minimalist wallet can sit discreetly in your pocket without puffing them up, as would happen with a bi fold wallet for men.

M1 Maverick

Stepping over to the more luxurious and exotic side, we get the M1 Maverick. Unlike usual and traditional bi folds, all four sides of this product – back and front – are made up of pockets and compartments. You can store up to 16 cards, along with some folded cash bills. The front also comes with a small key holder.

Harber London

Next up on our list, we have Harber London. Like Dango, this company also has a range of different products which include bags, apparel, and accessories etcetera. But then again, our concern is only with slim wallets for men so let’s take a look at some of those.

Business Wallet with RFID Protection

This sleek bi fold comes with some awesome storage features. You can carry up to 12 cards, along with folded bills in the cash compartments. There is also a dedicated pocket for coins.

RFID Card Holder

The Harber London RFID Card Holder does not exactly fall in the category of wallets, but it is, nevertheless, a good substitute for the same. This product can hold up 6-8 cards and is ideal for people who don\'t have to carry around a lot of cash or coins. The main perk about this cardholder is the two-tone color options: there are a total of 6 different combinations that you can choose from.


Last but not least, we have Trayvax. Here, you won’t find as diverse a business portfolio as the other two, but the wallets alone are quite awesome. Here, take a gander:

Original 2.0

The Original 2.0 is what you would get if someone decided to create a blend of utility, aesthetic looks, durability, and affordability. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum (front-plate) and stainless steel (back-plate), this product will give you a lasting experience. On top of this physical durability, you also get a 65-year heirloom warranty from Trayvax that covers certain types of damages.

original 2.0 wallet

Coming to the storage capacity, you can put up to 15 cards in the main compartment along with 1-5 folded bills in the integrated money clip at the back. What’s more, all of this comes in just $34.99 (except the G10 version).

Trayvax Ascent

Metal is great and all, but nothing beats some good old genuine leather. The Ascent comes with a great appearance, durable finishing, and a decent storage capacity. You can store up to 7 cards in the main pockets along with 1-5 folded bills in the cash slot at the back.

ascent wallet mens slim


So, there you have it. If you are looking for a slim and classy wallet, these are some of the brands that you can consider buying from without worrying about getting your hands on third-class, lousy products.

Now that you have seen a bit about the wallets offered by these different brands, you will have a better idea about where to go to do your shopping. If you are looking for something affordable, however, Trayvax would be your best bet.

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