The Touring BAÏST 2.0


BAÏST Gloves

The Touring BAÏST 2.0

Our favorite for hitting the hill hard in springy conditions.  The Touring BAÏST is a lightweight glove that is great for warmer days and touring in the backcountry.

An outdoor glove without too many bells and whistles, just the necessities. It has a built-in natural arch to match the shape of your fingers; enabling a better fit, hand feel, and improved dexterity.

The Touring BAÏST is made with the highest quality materials, for the most adventurous among us.  And they are built to last. 

  • The palm is made of our waterproof goatskin leather and is double reinforced in high wear areas.
  • Low-profile leather ribbing along the knuckle for added protection when batting off branches (or other gnarly obstacles, never know what you’re getting into). 
  • Precision stitching for optimal fit and hand feel.
  • Our breathable neoprene back enables ideal fit, breathability, and windproofing keeping you comfortable on your hike up, and your descent.
  • Built-in natural arch to match the shape of your fingers. 
  • The neoprene cuff is built to go under your jacket, sealed down with a velcro enclosure snug enough to let nothing in and get you locked and loaded to shred.

Rated from 28°F to 50°F  (-2°C to 10°C)

Natural Tan Leather on Black
White Leather on Black
Black on Black with Tan Logo
The Touring BAÏST 2.0