Ration emergency food kit

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The Trayvax Ration is a vehicle based solution for on-demand hot food. You can use it every day, on your weekend adventure, or in emergencies. You can also use it as the base for your road safety or first aid kit. The Ration provides a sense of security by ensuring you, your friends, and your family have access to a hot meal whenever and wherever you need it. It is perfect for road trips, an end of the day hike, or when you can’t find a good place to stop for a meal. 
Length: 18 Inches Width: 5 Inches Height: 6 Inches Weight: 3 lb, 3 oz (empty)


  • Simple two-piece metal body
  • Adjustable carry handle
  • Powder coated protective finish
  • Top-grain leather internal organizer
  • Large storage bay
  • Secure non-slip base
  • Compact stove burner
  • 20 oz stainless steel cup
  • 3.5 oz fuel canister good for 18-22 uses (additional fuel canisters can be purchased here)

Food Provisions Kit

The large open bay provides ample storage for shelf stable or freeze dried food, water bottles, and any other essential nutrition you need available at a moment’s notice. The leather interior organizer can be used for additional supplies such as utensils, multitools. The stove is the same as those used on high alpine missions. It is reliable and boils water quickly, so you aren’t waiting long when a hot meal is needed most.

Its simple stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum construction is versatile and reliable. The Trayvax Ration is built to keep you prepared wherever you decide to go for decades to come.

Made in the USA of U.S. and Imported components.


Practical Features Image
Practical Features Image

Stay a little longer, and be prepared wherever you go.