Why Is Minimalism Preferred?

Why Is Minimalism Preferred?

Trends come and go, but minimalism is a rather enduring one. The popularity of Marie Kondo, home and garden magazines, and other such media has stated that minimalism, owning or showing very few things with simple designs, is a good thing. And we here at Trayvax have some nice, minimalist products for you.

Our Minimalist Wallets

Here at Trayvax, some of our bestsellers are slim minimalist wallets. Whether you want it in metal or leather, a slim wallet will be easier to carry around. And with space for fewer cards, you get to choose what’s important enough to carry with you.

Our slimmest wallet, best for the minimalist lifestyle, is the Trayvax Ascent. With space for only 7 cards, this gives you the chance to choose which to keep. The most important would be a credit card, a debit card as backup, a driver’s license or ID card, and insurance and medical cards. You don’t need any of those reward cards or store-exclusive credit cards. Instead, find a single card with rewards you like. If you like to travel, airline-mile cards are always a good choice. And with minimalism in mind, you’ll have plenty of time and money for traveling.

Minimalist wallets don’t have to be delicate, and the Trayvax Element proves this. Its durable frame and strong top-grain leather will keep up with you wherever you travel. And this strength makes it the only wallet you’ll need. That’s important because the main tenet of minimalism is having fewer items. When you only get what you need, you’re practicing minimalism. It might just help lighten your mind too.

Metal Minimalism

If you’d rather have your minimalism in metal, we have the right answers for that too.

Slim and popular, our Original 2.0 is a great wallet for the budding minimalist.  It may hold more cards than our slimmer wallets, but it’s not as bulky as other wallets. It’s inexpensive, but it’s built to last. Buy one for yourself, and enjoy its strength, fun colors, and ease of use. And when you’re done with it, you can pass it down to your son, along with your minimalist ideals. This metal men’s wallet is our most popular item, too. Strength and simplicity never go out of style, as over 6000 people have learned.

axis metal minimalist wallet

For something even simpler, try a Trayvax Axis. This bifold wallet isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done. It’s slim, but can hold bills and coins in addition to credit cards. This can help you spend less, as using cash instead of cards makes your spending a bit more tangible. And with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, this helpful little wallet can stay in your family for generations to come. You won’t have to buy a new wallet when there’s a Trayvax in the family.

More Minimalism Tips

It’s easy to get caught up in keeping up. Another man’s wallet might be fancier or more expensive than yours, but you should be happy with what you have. On the other hand, buying something strong enough to last for life is a good way to go. And we here at Trayvax are good at that. Most of our products have large return windows and long warranties because of our products’ durability. Even if you only buy a single wallet from us, we’ll do what we can to keep that wallet going.

minimalist mens wallet

The Importance of Minimalism

Minimalism is important for many reasons. It can save you money since you’re not buying things for the sake of buying them. Since you’re not constantly worrying about trends or collections, the weight on your mind is lightened. And since you’re not buying cheap things just to throw them away, your impact on the environment is lightened too. With all of these things considered, minimalism is just good for you.

In Conclusion

Trayvax can help you lead a more minimalist life. Our slimmest wallets, like the Axis and Ascent, hold so few cards that you need to discern which ones are most important to you. But if you need something that’s strong enough to buy for life, we have that too. Our Element and Original 2.0 wallets will stand up to all your toughest adventures. Don’t try to keep up with your neighbors, and try to buy things for life. For your mind, your wallet, and the environment, minimalism is the best choice. And with the 65-year Heirloom Warranty on all of our wallets, your sons will love it too.

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