Gift Cards For Groomsmen

Gift Cards For Groomsmen

If you want a low-stress, hassle-free gift for your groomsmen, a gift card is probably the best option. All you need to do is send it to them, and they can get whatever they want with it. You can pair it with other gifts to make a fun package, too. And of course, a Trayvax gift card is the best choice.

Trayvax Gift Card as a Groomsman Gift

Trayvax gift cards are fantastic for any groomsman. They can be given in denominations of $25, up to $100. And they’re easy to give. It’s as simple as click, buy, and forward the email. This is the best idea for a socially-distanced or destination wedding. Or, if you’d rather have a bit of a show to it, they’re easily printed and given to your groomsmen. If you choose to do it this way, there are several things you could do to spice up the giving. Whatever way you give it to them, they’ll love it. It’s also great to pair with some of our other products.

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Some Fun Pairing Ideas

For the groomsman who loves the outdoors, why not slip his gift card into a Trayvax Ration?  It’ll easily fit into the food-storage area, and can be used to buy a Nalgene water bottle or a Trek field knife. To really surprise him, hide the gift card under some shelf-stable snacks, like packs of beef jerky or ramen. He won’t even know it’s there, but he’ll be smiling once he sees it.

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For the creative groomsman, hide it in a Summit Notebook Wallet. This men’s notebook wallet is small, and it makes for the perfect hiding spot for a little surprise. He can use it to buy a new mini-notebook when the first one runs out of pages, or a new Fisher Bullet Space Pen when it runs out of ink. He can use the notebook and pen in any weather or temperature, and even in flight! And with the ability to buy backups, he won’t be afraid to use the notebook you picked out for him.

And a groomsman who appreciates comfortable clothing can find a gift card tucked in the pouch of a Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. When he takes it out, he can use it to buy a matching black Cinch belt and blue buckle. He’ll look good, feel good, and be reminded of your wedding day whenever he gets dressed.

Other Fun Ideas

A fun way to give your groomsmen their gift cards would be in cheesy greeting cards. Imagine the laughs, then appreciative chatter, when they pop out of singing cards with silly characters. You do have to know their tastes well, though, to be certain that such a thing won’t fall flat or annoy them.

Another fun way to present the gift cards would be in a pinata. Slip them in with some candy, and some other goodies (candy, airplane bottles of alcohol, etc.), and let your groomsmen take turns smacking it apart. This is also a good way to burn off some of the stress of the wedding prep.

On the other hand, you could be a bit more serious, packaging them with your groomsmen’s wedding invites. Including a personal note this way would also go over nicely. It’s laid-back, low-key, and still a personal way to thank your friends for their role in your special day.

You could even combine traditional and new by inviting your groomsmen to dinner, then asking them to check their emails at the end, where they’ll find their gift cards. They’ll be pleasantly surprised, and will appreciate their gift cards even more with the experience attached to them. It’s a fun way to blend a traditional thank-you dinner with the relative novelty of e-cards.

In Conclusion

Gift cards, especially from Trayvax, make for perfect groomsmen gifts. They can be given through email or printed and hand-delivered. They can even be paired with other gift items to make things more fun. Slip one into a Trayvax Ration for an outdoorsy friend, put it into your creative groomsman’s new notebook wallet, or stick it into the pouch of a Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. And they’ll always remember the fun they had while receiving it. There are other fun ways to give them too, like in a silly card or a pinata. But you could also do something traditional, like send it with their invitations. However you give them their gift cards, they’ll love what they can buy with them.

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