Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Have in Your Wallet

Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Have in Your Wallet

Take a look at your wallet. If it’s as thick as a sandwich, it’s thicker than what’s ideal. Your wallet should be as slim as a smartphone, not a brick phone. Don’t worry, it’s common for wallet-owners not to think about what they keep in their wallets. However, that’s not how it should be.

If you’ve never paid attention to what’s inside your wallet, you’re in luck. It’s never too late to review what should be in there, and throw away what shouldn’t belong in there. In this article, get ready to bid goodbye to your fat bi-fold wallet for men for good:

What to Keep in Your Front Pocket Wallet

#1 Identification Cards

What if you lose your wallet? Even if it’s picked up, how will the person know who to return it to? Plus, if you get into an accident, how can people contact your emergency contact? Unless you’ve written your name on the tactical wallet cover, it’ll be impossible to know who it belongs to. Carry at least one ID card in your wallet in case you find yourself in these untoward situations. Besides, you likely need to show your ID when you get to work, anyway.

#2 Credit and Debit Cards

You should also keep your credit cards and debit cards in your front pocket wallet. Use your credit card in case the store doesn’t accept cash, but if possible, pay with debit. Credit cards tempt you to spend more than necessary, so always carry a handy debit card in your bi-fold wallet for men. That way, you’ll end up buying the things you can actually afford.

#3 Cash

Stash small amounts of cash, such as ones and tens, in your wallet. Cash can come in handy for purchases like snacks and sodas, and if the place doesn’t take credit. Imagine going to a restaurant and finding out that they only take cash, but you don’t have even five dollars. Avoid embarrassing situations by keeping a few bills in your front pocket wallet.

#4 Business Cards

People think that business cards are obsolete because we’re in the “LinkedIn Age”. The reality is that handing out business cards still looks sleeker than trading contact details on a device. Plus, who knows when you’ll meet the investor you’ve been dying to impress for ages? Be sure to keep your business card in a card case to make sure they don’t get dented. A crumpled business card reflects unprofessionalism.

#5 Insurance Card

You never know when you’ll need to pay for medical treatment. Have your insurance card on you at all times to prove that you do have insurance. An insurance card isn’t thicker than a credit card, anyway, so it can easily fit inside a men’s notebook wallet.

summit notebook wallet

What You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Front Pocket Wallet

#1 Social Security Number

You should never have your Social Security Number (SSN) on you. If you keep it in your wallet and it gets stolen, someone can steal your identity or sell it on the black market. With your SSN, they can apply for credit cards, collect income, and so on.

#2 Passwords and PINs

Don’t write your passwords and ATM pin on a piece of paper that you hide in your wallet. If it gets lost, someone can get into your social media accounts, bank accounts, and the like. From there, they can transfer money, find out your information, and so on. If you do have to write your passwords and PINs down, remember to leave them at home whenever you go out.

#3 Keys

Think keeping a spare key in your bi-fold wallet for men is the key to not being locked out? Think again. If a pickpocket gets your wallet with your key in it, they’ll be able to enter your house. They’ll also be able to know who the homeowner is from your identification cards. Imagine coming home to find a criminal waiting for you… it’s the stuff that horror films are made of.

#4 Receipts

Receipts take up too much space in your front pocket wallet. They’re essentially just junk. If you need to keep copies of the receipts for work or warranties, store them at home. Don’t keep them in your wallet where they’ll only add bulk.

ascent front pocket wallet

What’s the Best Wallet that Money Can Buy?

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