8 Luxury Gifts For Groomsmen They’ll Actually Use

8 Luxury Gifts For Groomsmen They’ll Actually Use

Thinking of gifting your groomsmen a bottle opener or a shot glass? Boring. Your wedding is an opportunity to “up” your gift-giving game, after all, it (hopefully) happens only once in your life. Avoid groomsmen gifts that don’t say anything and give them something that shows how special they are to you. In this post, you’ll find the best of the best of groomsmen gifts, from fragrances to the best minimalist wallets for men.

#1 Fragrance

A perfume is a great gift. It’s something that your groomsmen need daily but rarely buy themselves. Giving them a signature scent also saves them from the trouble (and cost) of shopping for a fragrance that suits the occasion. Plus, fragrances last a long time, so they’ll remember what you bought for them years down the road. Besides, don’t you want your wedding entourage to smell good on your big day?

#2 Monogrammed Socks

Nothing ruins a wedding photo like ugly socks peeking below a person’s pants. To make sure your groomsmen’s socks are “photogenic”, consider purchasing a pair of socks for them, but not any kind of socks -- monogrammed socks that look ten times better than other socks. Socks are the kind of gift that they can use after the wedding, but best of all, they look expensive especially if they’re kept in a luxurious box.

#3 Belt

Another useful gift for groomsmen is a belt. Even though it’s unlikely that your groomsmen will show up wearing a belt buckle you can see from outer space, don’t risk it. A black cinch belt is a one-of-a-kind gift that they can wear to your wedding. It is crafted from nylon webbing, offering a low profile that won’t ruin their attire. Plus, since it’s a friction belt, it can wrap around any waistline.

#4 Watch

If you really want to go all-out, get your groomsmen a watch. A watch is a timeless gift that your groomsmen will wear for years. They’ll be taking every opportunity to flick their wrists to show off their new watches at your wedding.

To make sure your groomsmen look polished, opt for a watch that matches the hardware on their wallets. For example, if their wallet with a zipper has gold hardware, go for a gold watch.

#5 Wallet

A minimalist wallet for men is another valuable item that your groomsmen want but won’t buy themselves. If your friends’ wallets are looking bulky and worn-out, why don’t you gift them a minimalist wallet for men, like the Ascent Wallet? The Ascent is hand-stitched from fine Horween leather, resulting in a rustic yet refined profile. Even if you fill it with seven credit cards, this front pocket wallet won’t add bulk to your pants.

ascent wallet groomsmen

#6 Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is boring. A bottle opener that’s in a wallet is something your groomsmen will want to get their hands on. Get your groomsmen ready for the after-party of their life by giving them a wallet with a convenient bottle opener. The Element Wallet is one of the best minimalist wallets that money can buy, and best of all, it has everything you could ever want in a wallet. It features a rugged, stainless-steel frame that’s perfect for the outdoorsy types.

#7 Dopp Kit

Make sure your groomsmen look well-groomed at your wedding. A Dopp Kit or toiletry bag contains all of the grooming products they’d need to get ready to strut down the aisle, like a shaving kit, hair wax, aftershave, and beard wax. You could also buy them the Shift Wallet Comb so they can keep their hair looking neat at all times.

#8 Keychain

A keychain looks typical, but if you buy a keychain that’s crafted from premium materials, you’ve got yourself a fancy gift. With a keychain, your groomsmen keep their everyday carry (EDC) like their together and not lug around a big bag during your wedding. Their essentials like their minimalist wallet for men and keys will fit inside their front pocket.


Don’t know what to get your groomsmen for your wedding? Think about what they like as a group. Do they like going on hikes or do they prefer going out at night? Are they a serious bunch or is humor always present in your get-togethers? You should also make sure the gift is portable so they can take it home.

If you’re looking for other groomsmen gift ideas, check out Trayvax’s wide range of premium products today. All of our wallets and accessories are crafted from the finest materials, so you can guarantee that your friends will get the best gifts.

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