What's The Role of the Belt in Your Personality?

What's The Role of the Belt in Your Personality?

Clothes may not make the man, but they can reflect his personality. And one simple accessory can say a lot. Take, for example, your belt. If it’s flashy, it can say you’re an extravagant person, whereas a simpler belt can tag you as a simpler person. We’ll take a closer look at this in this article.

A Simple Belt for the Simple Man

If all you want is a black Cinch belt with a black or blue buckle, then you might be a frugal person. Our Cinch belts are inexpensive yet tough. It could also mean you’re a person who prefers the simple things in life. Our belts only come in two colors, so they’re understated. On the other hand, it could mean you’re outdoorsy because they’re tough enough to stay strong while you’re out on the trail or the water. Whatever you need them for, these belts can handle it.

tan belt black buckle

Something Flashy, perhaps?

If you’d prefer a flashy belt, with snakeskin patterns and a gemstone-studded buckle, that says something about you too. Maybe you’re extroverted and want to attract attention. Or maybe you’re trying to keep up with the neighbors. Or it could simply be because you enjoy shiny, expensive items. Whatever your reasoning, you’ll love our titanium belt buckle. In a shining silver color, it stands out against a black belt. It’s made of Grade 2 titanium and comes backed by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty. It’ll shine on your waist, and your son’s, for a lifetime.

black belt blue buckle

In Between

But what if you own both flashy and understated belts? That could mean you’re adaptable, ready for any situation. It could also mean you’re an ambivert, equally charged by social interactions and alone time. This could also mean that your tastes are a bit eclectic.

Strange-Looking Belts

Maybe your belt isn’t expensive but looks odd. It could be an unusual color, like bright pink. Or it could be made of a different material than nylon or leather. The buckle could have some unusual properties too, like an extra-large size, exciting design, or different materials. What does this mean for you? It could mean that you march to the beat of your own drummer. That you’re a leader, not a follower. Maybe your tastes are just different than the norm. But it could also be a sign that you want attention, whether it’s positive or negative. This isn’t a bad thing, and a good buckle to add to your tactical webbing belt is the new Forest Green buckle. It’ll stand out, as green isn’t the color that you’d expect to see on a belt buckle. It’d look best against a tan belt, the dark color popping against the lightness of the belt.

Belts for Everyone

There are some belts that everyone can agree on, regardless of personality. For instance, one of our Cinch belts. It can be fun and flashy, or tasteful yet tough. This belt can be worn in any situation, from job interviews to fishing trips. It’s a great place to hang a keychain or secure a knife sheath. We have two belt colors, but several buckle colors, from a sensible black to a bright blue. We even have two shades of green buckles: An olive drab and a new forest green. It’ll stay closed to prevent any embarrassing moments, no matter how much you’re moving. And if you need some extra protection, this belt is concealed-carry compatible, too. Your favorite handgun can come with you wherever it’s legal.

There are more benefits to a Trayvax Cinch belt. For instance, the low price. It’s cheaper than many belts found online at a reasonable $29.99. Even if you get the new titanium buckle, that only makes the belt $44.99, which is still comparatively inexpensive. This is a belt you can buy multiples of, and wear for life.  And with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, you can pass it down to your son, so he can wear it for life too. Regardless of one’s personality, one of these belts is a fantastic purchase.

In Conclusion

Your choice in belts can reveal a lot about your personality. An understated belt can say that you’re frugal and simple, while a flashy, expensive belt could mean that you like the finer things in life. Whatever kind of person you are, Trayvax has the belt and buckle for you. Our belts are perfect for every personality and budget, and are built to last. Give them a try.

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