What Wallet Should I Get?

What Wallet Should I Get?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “what wallet should I get?” Trayvax manufactures a wide assortment of slim wallets, metal wallets, leather wallets, bifold wallets, the list goes on. But which style is best suited for you? The answer really depends on the individual. You’ll want something unique, that reflects your style, and offers the day-to-day functionality your life requires.

Slim Wallets

When looking for a wallet, you’ll want something that can easily fit into your front pocket. Putting a wallet in your back pocket has been proven to put stress on your hip joint and lower back causing back pain. A slim wallet that only holds the essentials is ideal.

The Ascent: This slim wallet is designed to fit 5-7 cards and uses a pull-tab for quick access to credit cards.

Ascent slim wallet with pull tab being pulled

The Summit: The Summit takes a minimalist approach to carrying cash and cards. It features our slimmest profile and most lightweight design.

Summit minimalist wallet in between rocks

Leather Wallets

Leather wallets develop a unique patina with use. Just like a baseball glove, leather wallets take time to break in, but offer a custom fit. In addition, small aesthetic effects on leather such as blemishes and cattle scars give each wallet a one-of-a-kind appearance.

The Element: This rugged leather wallet utilizes top-grain tanned leather and a solid stainless steel frame.

Element rugged leather wallet on table

The Contour: Our most refined leather wallet to-date, the Contour’s slim profile includes an integrated bottle opener and attachment loop.

Contour leather wallet back

RFID-Resistant Wallets

When you need to beef up protection, look for an RFID blocking wallet. RFID technology makes it fairly easy for someone with a handheld reader to steal your card information. Shielded wallets offer the best RFID-protection.

The Armored Summit: This RFID blocking wallet offers the most protection in our lineup. An RFID skimming thief would need to be less than 1” from this wallet to steal your information. 

Armored Summit RFID blocking wallet on Trayvax belt

The Axis: This bifold wallet is surrounded by metal offering protection from RFID-skimming thieves.

Axis metal wallet being used

Travel Wallets

When you need a wallet to accompany you on life’s adventures, you’ll want to look for something with a front-pocket carry (harder for pickpockets) and plenty of space to store essentials.

The Explorer: This leather passport wallet has room for a passport, two credit card slots and a sleeve for cash, receipts and documents.

Explorer passport wallet in airport

The Summit Notebook: This RFID-blocking metal wallet includes a pocket-sized weatherproof notebook, write anywhere pen, and hidden sleeve for storing cash or receipts.

Summit Notebook on table

Which wallet you select depends on what you need from a wallet. Whether it’s a bifold design, RFID-protection, or a travel companion that you’re looking for, Trayvax can help you decide what wallet to get.


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Mike Bohling

Mike Bohling

Can I still get yhe pouch that was shown in the first video ? I want to thank Trayvax for all your help. I’m amazed buy my Wallet.



Definitely want the contour version with a in frame permanent braided paracord with carabiner. Make it, I’ll buy it. Contact me

Eric Kamov

Eric Kamov

I got my Summit Steel Cardholder w/bill-strap, and, let me tell yall: I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! – I’ve had a lot of different type/style wallets/cardholders, but NOTHING compares to the TRYVAX Summit! [A special thank you goes to Evan – who built mine! :-) ]

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