The 9 Best RFID Wallets to Protect your Identity

The 9 Best RFID Wallets to Protect your Identity

If you are in the habit of carrying around RFID-enabled cards, you have to use a proper RFID blocking wallet or sleeve so that hackers are unable to access and steal your personal data. Since Radio Frequency Identification is a long-distance, remote method of communication, a hacker can read a signal by using a scanner without having to physically make contact with you. Scary, eh?

But no need to worry. In this post, we are looking at the top 9 RFID blocking wallets that you can buy at

Original 2.0

The Original 2.0 is one of the best products offered by Trayvax. This iconic piece comes with durable construction and spacious design, capable of holding up to 15 cards along with 1-5 folded bills. There is an integrated metallic money clip where the cash can be securely fitted. The front plate is made using aircraft-grade aluminum while the back is stainless steel. Both of these are held together by mil-spec paracord. The cord can be tightened and loosened manually; which is helpful in increasing or decreasing the width between the plates.

original RFID wallet

The Original 2.0 offers RFID protection and is an ideal choice for customers who have a low budget. Starting from $34.99, this slim product is quite affordable and reasonably priced.

Armored Summit

The Armored Summit is a metal wallet with money clip that you can buy easily; even if you are not looking to spend a lot. Like the Original 2.0, this Armored wallet also has a price of $34.99.

The Armored Summit has a thin and sleek design and is made using heat-resistant metal for durability and strength. You can store up to 7 cards in the main compartment while the integrated money clip holds 1-5 folded bills.

Trayvax Ascent

The Ascent also offers RFID protection. This leather product has a sleek and slim design, capable of holding up to 7 cards and 1.5 folded bills. The Ascent has a durable and tough look – which it gets from the melonite finish, brass rivets, and stainless steel plate.

ascent rfid wallet

When buying the Ascent, you can choose between two finishes for the metallic plate and as well as four colors for the leather part. With a price tag of $59.99, the Ascent is ideal for people who are looking for something in a medium to high range.

Trayvax Contour

The Contour features a sophisticated metallic look with a luxurious touch of leather. If you are looking for a slim piece that has utility, minimalism, durability, and class altogether, the Contour is where your search ends.

You can store up to 13 cards in the main compartment while the leather strap at the back can hold 1-10 bills. When buying the Contour, you can choose from four different colors for the leather part as well as four different types/finishes for the metal frame.

Trayvax Element

The Element is yet another member of Trayvax’s leather front pocket wallet category. This one allows you to store up to 10 cards along with 1-5 folded bills in the integrated money clip.

The Element comes with a price tag of $69.99 and is suitable for customers who are looking for something in the expensive range.

Kryptek Armored Summit Wallet

The Kryptek Armored Summit is very similar to the simple Armored Summit Wallet discussed earlier in this list. The difference lies in the color and the price. Instead of the black metallic part, the Kryptek features a matte greyish hue. The price, on the other hand, is $29.99; which makes this product a highly affordable choice, and ideal for customers with a low budget.

Axis Wallet

The Axis is quite different from the other slim pieces on this list because of its bi fold design. Unlike the usual minimalistic style, the Axis can be opened up to reveal the money clip and a key/coin pocket.

axis rfid wallet

You can store up to 14 cards in the Axis, along with 1-8 folded bills. This one comes at a price of $49.99 and is available in three different colors.

Iridescent Blue Contour

Remember the Contour we just discussed a bit earlier? The Iridescent Blue Contour is a limited edition of the same and is pretty much identical save for the metal frame.

Summit Notebook

This billfold comes with a Fisher Bullet Space Pen and an All-Weather Pocket Notebook. If you are not looking to carry around the notebook with you at all times, you can choose to use the leather sleeve (which is where the notebook is fitted) for keeping some extra bills. The actual space for keeping the cash is the money clip at the back.


These were 9 of the best RFID blocking wallets that you can buy at Hopefully, after looking at this list, you will be in a better position to decide which one suits you best.

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