Small Vintage Men RFID Blocking Wallet

Small Vintage Men RFID Blocking Wallet

Trayvax offers a variety of different wallets; each of which is distinguished from the other by factors such as the price, material and storage capacity, etc. For customers who are looking for a modern and techy look, the company offers metal products such as the Original 2.0, the Axis, and the Armored Summit. On the other hand, for customers with a more mature and refined taste, vintage offerings such as the Contour and Element are available.

axis wallet metal

While all these articles are outstanding with regards to the looks and appearance, they also come packed with useful features and perks. For example, all of the front pocket wallets offered by the company are RFID blocking. Some wallets come with integrated money clips, while others have features such as attachment points and pull tabs.

In this post, we are looking at the best small vintage RFID blocking wallet that you can buy at

Introducing the Trayvax Ascent

This slim minimalist wallet is one of the iconic products offered by Trayvax. From the robust looks to the utilitarian design, this vintage wallet is a piece worth buying. If you are someone who is a fan of crazy horse leather wallets, you will find the Ascent to be exceptionally suited to your taste. Although not made from full-grain leather, this wallet does promise durability and longevity. The Horween leather used in manufacturing develops a patina finish after years of use, just like crazy horse leather.

Ascent wallet RFID small

Storage Capacity

This slim wallet comes with a total of three compartments. One is the cash pocket and is situated right at the back. You can use it to store 1-5 folded bills. The other two compartments are for holding cards. One of them features a card selection window and can hold up to 3 cards, while the other comes with a nylon pull tab, and has a max capacity of 4 cards.

The Ascent is, therefore, ideal for people who need to carry around a couple of bank cards along with some IDs and passes, etc. The cash pocket can be useful in carrying around some backup bills for small purchases and situations where the bank cards betray you.

Construction and Durability

One of the most striking and remarkable features of this minimalist product is its construction. At the center, you get to see a stainless steel plate around which the material is sewn. The aesthetic stitching is done at parallel borders, and it gives the wallet a robust and sturdy touch. The already rugged appearance is further complemented by the brass rivets.

Colors and Finishes

With the Ascent, you get the option of choosing from four different colors for the main material and two different finishes for the metal frame. You can also opt to have custom engraving done at the back. By utilizing these features, you can create a personalized look that is exclusive to yourself.

ascent wallet side view thin small mens

RFID Protection

RFID is quite the buzz nowadays. With Radio Frequency Identification, data can be transferred remotely between a transmitter (which is usually a card) and a receiver (which is typically an RFID scanner). There is no need for physical touch or contact.

While this long-distance gimmick was a great way to reduce the time taken in bank card transactions and other similar processes, it did come with a glaring threat. Hackers and cyber thieves could use a scanner to steal personal details and data from a person\'s card without having to make physical contact.

The Ascent, as well as other slim wallets by the company, come with the blocking feature so that such action can be prevented. Although the actual occurrences of such theft are not very common, it is still necessary to have precautions.


The Trayvax Ascent comes with a price tag of $59.99. Considering the genuine, top-grain leather used in the manufacturing, this price is quite reasonable. In comparison to the other slim leather products offered by Trayvax, this product is priced the lowest.


And that's it, folks. The Ascent is an outstanding product with regards to features, affordability, and appearance. It does take some time to give the actual luxurious look. The leather develops a patina finish after years of use, and that is where the true vintage appearance begins to pop. The fact that it comes with RFID protection makes it all the more excellent.

The available choices in the colors and the metal finishes are also an excellent quality of this product. You can choose a combination that suits your liking and goes well with your overall personality.

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