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Dylan shares his product development experiences designing for companies around the world. He explains how Trayvax is more than metal wallets and shows the pride in our craftsmanship and our mission to bring American manufacturing back. Learn more at trayvax.com.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a father who started an American manufacturing company making ornamental post caps for fences. I spent a lot of time in China working for other companies seeing what the scale manufacturing is over there. The thing that is always frustrated me is just the disposability of so much of our economy.

Having worked in a variety of different settings with overseas manufacturers and US made manufacturers, the fact that our product development team and designers sit 20 feet away from where every one of our wallets is made means that we're able to control the craftsmanship of our products in a way that is impossible to do when your manufacturing is in Shanghai.

Trayvax is more than just a wallet because it's bringing manufacturing back to America. I'm Dylan and this is my Trayvax team story.

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