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What it Means to Earn Your Story

What it Means to Earn Your Story

A few months back we started an initiative called Earn Your Story™. Many people have been asking us the meaning behind the phrase. We’ve been making mentions on the website, creating videos around it and we even trademarked it, so it’s definitely an important initiative for us. But what does it mean to “Earn Your Story”?

Earn Your Story are anecdotes from real people capturing the struggle, dedication and sacrifice we’ve all endured to eventually land back on our feet and succeed. These are the stories of everyday, hard-working Americans who have had to earn the fruits of their labor.

From stories of middle-class Americans having jobs outsourced overseas to tales of tenacious, old mountain men enduring the hardships of Mother Earth. We’ve all had to struggle at one point and we want to celebrate overcoming that adversity and coming out on top.

With Earn Your Story, we plan on re-telling those very stories. The stories of hard-work, dedication, determination and sacrifice. The stories that make us a better person at the end of the day. The stories that prove nothing will hold us down. That we’ll push through discomfort and misery, knowing that good things will eventually happen.

Not everyday is magical; you have to dedicate yourself. And through hard work and dedication comes a story that you have earned. What have you been through to Earn Your Story? 

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