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What are the Best Brands of Women’s Wallets?

What are the Best Brands of Women’s Wallets?

There are many brands of women’s wallets out there, some better than others. The brands on this list, however, are the ones at the top. From Gucci to Roam, these wallets will make any woman in your life happy.


This wallet has been deemed the best all-around women’s wallet, and it’s easy to see why. It’s large without being unwieldy, comes in a number of colors, and isn’t bank-breakingly expensive. This wallet has 8 card slots, 2 bill slots, and an internal coin pocket. Not all colors are always in stock, however, so bear this in mind before setting your heart on any one in particular. The biggest problem with such a large wallet is the fact that it needs a larger, and therefore, more expensive purse to carry it in. Beyond that, it’s a nice wallet, with a good return and warranty length.


You know the saying, “big things come in small packages?” Well, with the Vaultskin Belgravia, that’s true. This lovely little wallet comes in a number of colors, from a classic black to a fun purple. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, too. It even has a signature design feature: the Smart Strap. Pull up the clasp to get cards out of a secret compartment, and the strap retracts on its own. But for all its fun features, it could afford to look a bit more elegant. If it looked a bit sleeker, it’d be higher on the list.


The Gucci Wallet. Men and women the world over know the brand for its luxury and high cost. This black leather wallet is fashionable, and goes with any outfit. It has the famous Gucci “Double G” logo in gold on the front, underneath a fancy bamboo clasp. The “Diana” has multiple card slots and a central compartment for any coins, bills or important receipts.  It was named for the legendary Princess Diana, and at $795, is not cheap, in price or quality.


This is a brown, minimalist leather wallet. It is good for the price, but doesn’t hold many cards. Women love the sleek look, and the slim design, though. It easily fits inside a purse or a small pocket, and isn’t bulky or clunky like some other wallets can be. This up-and-coming Lithuanian wallet brand may not look like much, but looks can be deceiving.


The Trayvax Roam clutch, in its compact mini size, is the exact sort of wallet a woman needs. With its sleek design, this minimalist wallet can still hold everything you need. It has a soft wool interior, so it won’t scratch your phone’s screen, and the outside is made with top-grain USA leather. It has special pouches inside for bobby pins or a tube of Chapstick. A clip-on keychain will keep your keys securely attached to it, too. These are all held safely inside by three snap closures. Nothing’s going to randomly fall out as you walk. It’s cheaper than Gucci, holds a lot more than Crazy Horse, and even converts into a purse with its four attachment points! Plus, unlike the others, the Trayvax Roam Mini comes backed by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty.

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The full-size Trayvax Roam Clutch is a nice wallet too, with plenty of space for everything a woman needs. It has a pocket for a cell phone on the back, space for up to 12 cards, and the same soft wool interior as the Roam Mini. It’s also got the same small pockets for keys and the like. It’s a great clutch for everyday occasions. With the two being so similar, though, the Roam didn’t quite make the list. That being said, if you want a bigger clutch than the Roam Mini, or a safer place to keep your cell phone, the full-size Roam is for you. It can even hold a slim minimalist wallet, for even more space.


There are many different wallets for women, but Trayvax has the all-around best. The Roam Mini is less expensive than Gucci but holds a lot more than Crazy Horse. It’s sleeker looking than Vaultskin and even converts into a purse, making it easier than Cuyana. The full-sized Roam is a good clutch too, even if it’s almost the same. Are you interested? Get one today, and see what you think!

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