Why Don't Women Use Wallets?

Why Don't Women Use Wallets?

Men carry wallets, women carry purses. That’s the way it’s been, but why? There are many reasons women don’t carry wallets, but most of these are fixable. From small pockets to the use of purses, to wallets just looking a bit dull, here are a few examples:

No Pockets

Women’s pants tend to have no pockets, small pockets, or even false pockets. If a pocket isn’t even large enough to fit a phone, it likely won’t fit a wallet. This is quite discouraging, and leads to fewer women carrying wallets. While a lack of pockets, or of functional ones, is not something easily fixable, small pocket space is.

There are many slim wallets available on the market today, which can be stored in even the thinnest front pocket. A good choice is the Ascent, one of the best slim minimalist wallets for men and women. It holds up to 7 cards, so it’s useful when running errands in skinny jeans. It can even be stored in the side pouches of a purse or backpack without the risk of being squeezed out.

ascent minimalist wallet


With many wallets being so bulky, a lot of women prefer to use purses. Purses have been pushed as the larger, more fashionable alternative to a wallet. They can hold more things than the average wallet, such as snacks, medicines, and hygiene products. The purse can even be used to hold a wallet, though not all women use it that way. Keeping a wallet inside of a purse means more buttons and zippers to fumble with, and can slow transactions down.

roam clutch leather women

A good step between a wallet and a full purse is a clutch bag. It’s sort of like an expanded wallet with a cell phone pocket, and the Trayvax Roam Clutch is an excellent choice for one. With its soft woolen interior, and durable stitched leather, it’ll stay together in the harshest conditions. If the full size is too much, there’s also the Roam Mini Clutch. It’s the same as the Roam, except smaller. The Roam Mini can be used as a clutch on its own, or it can be stored inside of a purse to be used there.


In many places, wallets are seen as a men’s accessory. Though women can carry them, it’s a bit more unusual in the culture. This is starting to change, with the advent of the RFID wallet. Women are starting to pay more attention to carrying wallets instead of purses now. A good wallet for RFID protection is the Trayvax Summit Notebook wallet. Its enhanced resistance keeps cards safe from any nefarious card readers. And not only that, it has a built-in “Rite in the Rain” notebook for to-do lists and article ideas. It even has the space for an included bullet pen. Though it’s branded as a men’s notebook wallet, women will love it too.


Due in part to being seen as a men’s accessory, wallets tend to look a bit plain. Simple brown or black leather, with maybe a company’s stamp in the corner, nothing too flashy. Any women’s wallets will be a little more fun, with bright colors, patterns, and humorous sayings.

contour leather women wallet

There is a middle ground between plain and gaudy, and the Trayvax Contour, a metal front pocket wallet, fits this area well. It’s unique without being silly, and both men and women can appreciate its metal frame, built-in bottle opener and durable build. It easily fits into a front pocket, and is sure to start conversations.


Purses are worn on the body, so they’re a bit easier to keep track of. Wallets, on the other hand, are stored in pockets, which are easily stolen from. Many women prefer to be able to note where their purses are at all times.

Fortunately, there are solutions. A lot of wallets nowadays have attachment points, and are easily kept on a pocket chain. This makes it harder for potential pickpockets to slip away with them. One of our best wallets for both this and RFID protection is the Armored Summit wallet. It has a steel attachment point, won’t break at the first tug, and offers up to 95.1% RFID protection,

In Conclusion

Due to fashion and function, women tend to use purses more than wallets. With wallets being seen as a more masculine, plain-looking accessory, women have also wanted to carry them less often. Thanks to brands like Trayvax, this is starting to change, and more women are carrying them.

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