What Are Some of Your Favorite Men’s Wallet Hacks?

What Are Some of Your Favorite Men’s Wallet Hacks?

Once you spend money buying a bi fold wallet for men (or any other, honestly), you should make sure that it lasts long by taking proper care of it. If you fail to do so, you could be running around looking to buy a new one before long.

The question arises: how DO you take care of your wallet? Taking care here doesn’t mean scrubbing it or washing it twice a day. It means to passively and perpetually avoid doing anything that can damage or deteriorate it in the long-term.

In this post, we are looking at some hacks and tips that you can follow to avoid inflicting unnecessary wear and tear on your wallet.

Be careful of where you keep your wallet

Does that sound too simple and straightforward? Ironically, this factor is what impacts the longevity of your mens leather bifold wallet the most. If you find that your wallet is losing its life too fast, take a look at what you do with it once you get home. Do you carelessly toss it down on a couch or do you take it carefully to your bedside table? Leaving your wallet in a place where it is going to be messed around with by others is a big mistake. If you happen to have kids in your home, then this issue becomes more emphasized.

So the first tip? Keep your wallet in a safe place when you are not carrying it.

No coins, please!

If you get some spare change after going shopping, don’t cram it into your wallet. Sure, that pouch-like pocket at the front looks appealing but don’t make the mistake of stuffing it with quarters. Keep these kinds of compartments and pockets for your receipts.

renegade brown leather wallet

Take your change and put in the cubbyhole in your car. Once you get home, chuck them in the coin jar. If you place your coins in your minimalist leather wallet, it will get all fat and puffed up; which makes it more difficult to carry around. Also, the coins will rub against the inside and damage the material.

Don’t hoard your receipts

Whenever you get home, make a habit of emptying out any receipts that you may accumulated in your wallet. Dispose of the unnecessary ones and keep the important ones in a dedicated drawer or storage. Receipts can get collected in the slim minimalist wallet, making it thick and bloated. This causes the flaps to bend and warp when the wallet is closed. The thicker your wallet gets, the more damage it is going to passively sustain. When a wallet is slim and thin, it experiences almost no strain or stress when it is placed inside a pocket or pressed against a seat. However, if it is full and swollen, then it is going to get bent or curved when pressure is applied to it. Try and keep your front pocket wallet as empty as you can. Just stick to the bare essentials.

Don’t carry around more than one bank card in your wallet (for leather bi-fold wallet users)

You should not rely too much on bank cards. While they are easier to handle and it is easier to go shopping with them, many people may prefer to go the old-fashioned way and carry cash.

But if you do want to carry around a lot of cards with you at once, get a dedicated metal card holder. There are a lot of different metal wallets Clip for credit cards that you can buy from  If you have a leather bi-fold wallet for you normal use, just keep a max of one or two cards in there. The reason for not putting too many cards is the same as mentioned before. The size of your wallet can increase and that can be harmful for its longevity.

leather wallet

Re-organize your wallet every once in a while

Regardless of how careful you are with your wallet, some random stuff can find its way inside and cause damage. In order to avoid letting anything fester in your wallet, reorganize it every now and then. To do that, simply take out whatever stuff you have in there: your cash, cards, business cards, receipts etcetera and just plop them on your bed. Thoroughly clean your wallet and then put everything back one by one.


By taking proper care of your wallet, you can get more use out of it, and enjoy your money’s worth. In this post, we look at some tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure that your minimalist leather wallet remains in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

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Jay Nottebrock

Jay Nottebrock

I bought a minimalist wallet from you ‘bout a year ago. It came with a leather pouch type wallet with 2 compartments. 6" long, 2.5" high, plus or minus and a zippered enclosure. My buddy wants one too. How can I track one down to purchase for birthday present?
P.S. best wallet I’ve ever had. Heirloom quality. Last one I’m gonna need.

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