Which Wallets are best for a Large Number of Cards?

Which Wallets are best for a Large Number of Cards?

Are you looking for a front pocket wallet to hold a large number of cards at once? Whether it’s a bank card, national ID card, license or bus pass, the fact remains that an average working adult has to carry around quite a few cards at all times. If you don’t have a wallet with a sufficient number of slots, you could end up losing track of your cards and have a tough time keeping them all together.

Trayvax offers its customers a range of different slim wallets for men, some of which are capable of holding more than a dozen cards at once. In this post, we are going to look at some options that you can buy to keep your cards organized.

Original 2.0 Wallet

Not that you are going to be carrying that many, but if you do happen to have 15 cards with you at one time, the Original 2.0 Tactical Wallet is where you stash ‘em. This stylish-looking wallet can store up to 15 cards and 5 folded bills at once. The back side has a money clip where the bills can be securely fitted. Made using aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, this slim minimalist wallet can endure rough treatment without snapping or breaking.

The wallet is RFID-blocking, and it comes in five different color options. With the 65-year heirloom warranty and a price tag of just $30, the Original 2.0 is an affordable product that will give you your money’s worth.

original wallet men

Trayvax Axis Wallet

The Axis Wallet by Trayvax can hold up to 14 cards and 8 folded bills. Unlike the Original 2.0, the Axis features a bi-fold design, and can be opened up to reveal a hidden coin pocket/key holder. The back plate of the wallet has a money clip where you can fit your bills without worrying about them falling out.

The Trayvax Axis is available in three different colors, and comes with a price tag of $49.99. Any deterioration in the wallet that is caused by normal usage is covered by the company’s 65-year heirloom warranty. The Axis wallet is an ideal choice for those users who are partial to the good old bi-fold construction but are also looking to enjoy the efficiency of a slim front pocket wallet.

axis wallet men

Contour Wallet

The Trayvax Contour is the next item on our list. This wallet can hold up to 13 cards at once along with 10 folded bills. With a price tag of ~$139.99, the Contour is the most expensive front pocket wallet that you can buy at The CNC-machined plate and the elegant leather element gives the Contour a graceful and stylish look. The leather strap can be adjusted as per the user’s preference.

The slim and minimalistic profile of the Contour gives you a clear view of the cards so you can easily take out whichever one you want without much fumbling and excavation. When making your purchase, you get the option of choosing between four different finishes/materials of the metal as well as four different colors for the leather strap.

contour wallet leather

Ascent Wallet

The Ascent wallet features a slim profile, and can hold up to 7 cards at once along with 5 bills. Although this capacity may appear a little less as compared to the other items that we have discussed on this list, it can be quite enough for most users. This minimalist wallet is ideal for people who simply wish to carry their ID along with a couple of bank cards.

The body of the Ascent wallet features a dominating leather element and is an overall elegant-looking piece that you can carry around in your front pocket. You can request a custom engraving to give the wallet a personal touch. You can also choose between four different colors for the leather and two different finishes for the metal frame. All in all, the Ascent wallet is a great investment that you can make in just $59.99. Like other Trayvax products, the Ascent is also covered by the company’s 65-year heirloom warranty.

ascent wallet men


Hopefully, after looking at all these different slim wallets for men, you will have a better idea of which product you want to purchase. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money on a wallet, Trayvax offers affordable items such as the Original 2.0 and the Axis wallet. If you are looking to buy something more hard-wearing and luxurious, leather wallets such as the Ascent and Contour are also available.

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Anthony Resta

Anthony Resta

Awhile back I needed a new wallet . So bought the original 2.0. Was so looking forward to the new wallet. But only ended up disappointed. Total letdown ! The problem was the money clip. It was so damn tight. Couldn’t even get 1 bill there let alone 5 as it says.
Needless to say. I never used it and I gave it away to a friend of mine who usually dosent carry cash.
My thing is why can’t there be some kind of design to hold more bills. ? Or make a foldable clip that opens and closes so speak making it more usable.

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