What are Insulated Water Bottles? 5 Reasons to Buy One Today

What are Insulated Water Bottles? 5 Reasons to Buy One Today

An insulated water bottle should be your bottle of choice. With a stainless steel water bottle, you no longer need to lug around a huge water bottle to keep your drink cool, or a thermos to keep your drink warm. An insulated water bottle offers two-in-one functionality, allowing you to stay hydrated all day, regardless of the kind of drink that you like.

 So, if you haven’t switched to an insulated water bottle, it’s about time that you did. In this post, you’ll find the benefits of using a stainless steel water bottle:

#1 They’re BPA-Free

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned bisphenol A or BPA from feeding bottles in 2012, but BPA can be found in plastic water bottles. While BPA is safe at low levels, prolonged exposure to this toxic chemical can cause harm to one’s health. BPA has been linked to increased blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

#2 They’re Reusable

If you reuse your plastic water bottles, stop now. You shouldn’t reuse these plastics (that’s why they’re called single-use plastics) as they can release chemicals that leech into the water.

Plus, single-use plastics are prone to wear and tear. When the surface is scratched or cracked, it becomes a breeding ground for germs. Insulated water bottles, on the other hand, are rust-resistant, stain-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

water bottle

Besides, buying one bottle you can use forever is better than having to buy bottled water every day. Your front pocket wallet will thank you.

#3 They’re Eco-Friendly

Around 60 million water bottles are thrown away in the U.S. each day. That’s a significant amount of waste for something that is single-use. To make matters worse, it takes around 450 to 1,000 years for a single plastic bottle to degrade. During that time, they release dangerous chemicals that seep into the soil, and then into the groundwater.

So, when you take out your front pocket wallet to buy a single-use water bottle, spend your cash on a reusable bottle instead. That way, you can lower your carbon footprint and benefit from a bottle you can reuse for years to come.

#4 They’re Trendy

One of the benefits of using an insulated water bottle is that it’s as cool as a cool metal wallet. Insulated water bottles come in a wide variety of colors, so your water bottle will always be presentable. Going on a date? A single-use plastic bottle is embarrassing, but a stainless steel bottle is the opposite of that. Attending a meeting? Get a formal-looking black water bottle. You can also attach keychain accessories to make your bottle look truly one-of-a-kind.

Wherever you go, a single-use plastic bottle won’t get you the attention you want. A stainless steel bottle, however, makes you look sleek.

#5 They’re Easy to Carry

Stainless steel water bottles are lightweight, so they’re perfect for the person who’s always on the go. Plus, stainless steel bottles typically come with a handle that’s easy to hold, and that can be clipped to a carabiner clip keychain.

carabiner clip keychain

This allows you to consolidate your essentials such as your front pocket wallet, keychain accessories, keys, and the like. And if you’re going on a hiking trip, you can clip the stainless steel bottle to your tactical webbing belt.

What Insulated Water Bottle Should You Buy?

When people think of insulated water bottles, they think of Hyrdo Flask bottles. Hydro Flask has become a household name at this point, mainly because their bottles are the real deal. Even if a lot of people think they’re overrated, Hydro Flask bottles live up to their hype.

The downside to Hydro Flask bottles, as well as other insulated stainless steel water bottles, is that they’re pricey. They are useful, but a 21-ounce water bottle costs about $32.95. In addition, people have noticed that some stainless steel water bottles have a “metallic” taste. It isn’t harmful, but if you want your water to taste like water, it can be a dealbreaker.

As an alternative to an insulated water bottle, buy a Nalgene water bottle. The Trayvax Nalgene 32-Ounce Wide-Mouth Water Bottle can keep you hydrated all day. You can keep track of how much water you drink thanks to the markings on the side. On its surface, you’ll find a topography-inspired design that’ll make you want to go on a hike ASAP.

Best of all, our water bottle works with the rest of our keychain accessories. When you buy your water bottle at Trayvax, you’ll also find accessories for the rest of your essentials.

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