What Accessories Should Groomsmen Wear to a Wedding?

What Accessories Should Groomsmen Wear to a Wedding?

All eyes will be on the bride and bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean the groomsmen can “up” their game. If you’ve been invited as a groomsman to your friend’s wedding, that makes you an important part of the entourage, so you got to look the part. You’re going to be in a lot of wedding photos that your friends, your friends’ friends, and your friends’ future offspring are going to see. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to dress up for a day?

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Fortunately, today’s groomsmen attires aren’t limited to penguin-like tuxes. There are also countless accessories that you can invest in to elevate your outfit. From a nylon black belt to a carabiner clip keychain, here are a few accessories for the fashion-forward groomsman:

#1 Belt

You probably think that belts look boring, and they are... unless you buy the right belt. Belts are essential because they not only pull your trousers up, but they complete your ensemble and alter the overall “vibe” of the attire. The Cinch Belt, for example, can add texture to the outfit with its MIL-SPEC nylon webbing. On the other hand, a classic leather belt, like a leather money clip wallet, makes the outfit look refined.

#2 Necktie

You’ve likely never seen a groomsman not wearing a necktie. This is because neckwear, like a necktie or bow-tie, can complete the formal look that the wearer is going for. It can make the ordinary long-sleeve shirt look regal. If you’re going to a prim-and-proper wedding, go for neutral tones such as beige and brown. Fun options include printed and patterned ties. Be sure to ask the groom if you can wear a funky necktie -- you wouldn’t want to draw attention to yourself when it should be on the bride!

Pro Tip:

 If you’re wearing a bar tie, make sure it goes with your accessories like your watch and metal money clip. This makes you look sleeker.

#3 Fragrance

As a groomsman, you should smell good at all times. Similar to leather money clip wallets, there are tons of options to choose from, including Eu de Cologne, Eu de Toilette, and Eu de Parfum. Since weddings tend to last the whole day, wear Eu de Parfum as it lasts the longest. No one wants to dance with a groomsman who’s starting to smell sweaty. A good fragrance can get you through the wedding ceremony to the after-party.

#4 Socks

Never wear funky socks to the wedding unless that’s what the groom wants. As a general rule, wear socks that complement the color of your pants. So, if you’re wearing black pants, wear black socks. Do not commit a fashion faux pas by wearing mismatched socks to the wedding. It might look bold but that doesn’t mean it looks good.

#5 Wallet

No, you don’t need to bring all of your credit cards to your friend’s wedding. If you’re going to be a groomsman, buy a front pocket wallet that’s slim enough to fit into your pants pocket. Don’t bring your bulky bi-fold wallet for men to the wedding -- it’ll ruin your look by creating a bulge in your front pocket. Besides, there’s no need to pay for anything at the after-party. Slim down your wallet for your friend’s wedding by buying a metal money clip such as the Element Wallet.

#6 Keydex

You’re going to walk down the aisle, whether you like it or not. Don’t make the situation even more awkward for you by keeping your car keys in your front pocket. Just imagine walking down the aisle, your keys jangling with every step you take. Get yourself a key-carry system like the Keydex to consolidate your keys and to make sure they aren’t a nuisance.

#7 Keychain or Lanyard

If you’re the kind of person that likes carrying your essentials at all times, get yourself a keychain or lanyard like the Link Stretch Lanyard. Clip it onto your belt loop, and attach all your essentials like your metal money clip, key-carry system, and the like. That way, you won’t have to lug around a big old bag during the wedding. The best part is that it complements the Cinch Belt which we earlier mentioned.


When completing your look for a wedding, you should remember to stick to the theme. There’s nothing worse than sticking out like a sore thumb and drawing the attention away from the bride. For more accessories to “up” your fashion game, check out Trayvax’s wide range of groomsman-worthy gear today.

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