Wedding Planning on a Budget: 7 Affordable Gifts For Groomsmen

Wedding Planning on a Budget: 7 Affordable Gifts For Groomsmen

When it comes to buying gifts for your groomsmen, you should surprise them with something that shows how grateful you are for them. After all, they get to be your groomsmen only once in your life… hopefully. Below, we’ve rounded up a few crowd favorites when it comes to gifts for groomsmen. The best part is that they’re all budget-friendly, so your bride-to-be doesn’t have to worry about a thing. From metal wallets for men to clip-on keychains, here are one-of-a-kind gifts for groomsmen:

#1 Metal Wallet

Gift your groomsmen metal wallets for men. A new front pocket wallet can keep your groomsmen’s pockets wrinkle-free on your wedding day. Compare to the classic bifold, metal wallets don’t add bulk to the pocket. That way, when the photographer takes the group picture, your groomsmens’ pockets will be as smooth as can be. And, aside from keeping their pockets organized, metal money clips like the Axis Wallet can be customized.

axis wallet metal

#2 Leather Wallet

If metal wallets for men clash with your wedding’s aesthetic, opt for a leather wallet. Leather wallets are a classic choice, but be sure to buy wallets that feature a slim profile. Slim wallets won’t create a pronounced outline on your groomsmens’ pants. For a personal touch, you can also engrave the wallets with their respective names.

#3 Cufflinks

A set of cufflinks is another go-to choice for affordable gifts for groomsmen. Chances are, your groomsmen don’t own cufflinks, so they’ll likely rush to purchase a pair. Save them the trouble by giving them cufflinks that they can wear to your wedding. Like the metal money clip, cufflinks can also be engraved with their initials or any other design.

#4 Multi-Tool

Looking for something your groomsmen will actually like? Give them a multi-tool that’s engraved with their name. Your groomsmen will be glad to get a multi-tool because it’s incredibly handy. Best of all, multi-tools are affordable, but you can make them look expensive with the proper packaging.

#5 Grooming Products

It may be your big day, but it should be in your best interests to ensure your groomsmen are well-groomed, too! You don’t want them to look unkempt while they walk down the aisle, do you? Encourage your groomsmen to clean up extra good for the day by giving them grooming products like beard wax or a Dopp Kit. A comb like the Shift Wallet Comb is also a good groomsmen gift idea, as they can keep it in their metal front pocket wallet.

wallet comb

#6 Hoodie or Pullover

A common bridesmaid gift is an embroidered robe. For groomsmen, its counterpart can be an embroidered hoodie. Everyone has to own at least one heavyweight pullover. If you and your friends are going on a camping trip, a hoodie is a great gift for your groomsmen. Buy a durable hoodie that’s thick enough to keep you warm when temperatures drop to as low as 10°C, because who knows where you’ll end up camping.

#7 Custom Keychain

A keychain is an item that you’re unlikely to buy for yourself, but you’ll be glad to get it because it’s that useful. If you’re looking for an affordable gift for your groomsmen, a keychain is your best bet. However, since keychains scream, “I was too lazy to figure out what to get you,” consider customizing them. That way, it won’t look like you picked the first item you found at the gift shop.

Tips For Buying Groomsmen Gifts

Like we said, your groomsmen will likely be your groomsmen only once in your life. So, we encourage you to choose your groomsmen’s gifts carefully. You won’t get to do this again.

  • Set a budget: Don’t be tempted to buy your groomsmen the latest gaming console. In general, grooms should spend only $30 to $100 on each groomsman.
  • Choose useful gifts: No one wants to get a mug or a letter opener. Get your groomsmen a gift that they’ll actually use.
  • Get the best man the best gift: He’s the “best man” for a reason. Get your best man a gift that’s slightly better than your groomsmen’s gifts, but don’t make it seem like he’s your favorite… even if he obviously is.

The Bottom Line

Mark the occasion by giving your groomsmen a one-of-a-kind (but still budget-friendly) gift. After all, they are spending the day celebrating you and your bride-to-be, and being a groomsman isn’t an easy gig. If you’re looking for other gift ideas, look no further than Trayvax. With our wide selection of wallets and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

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