Groomsmen Gifts: Is it Bad Luck to Give a Groomsman a Knife?

Groomsmen Gifts: Is it Bad Luck to Give a Groomsman a Knife?

All around the world, superstitions say that it’s bad luck to give knives as gifts. However, if you check “groomsmen gift guides” online, you’ll see that almost all of them mention multi-tools and pocket knives. So, is gifting a knife really as unlucky as you think? If you take superstitions seriously, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll cover why (or why not) knives make good groomsmen gifts.

Is it bad luck to give knives as a gift?

Look, we get it. You want to give your groomsmen a gift that isn’t as boring as a bottle opener or mug. Like a men’s notebook wallet, a knife is an excellent choice, but keep in mind that some people take superstitions really seriously. Your groomsmen might get the wrong idea when you hand them their gift.

mens notebook wallet

Chinese and European superstitions have it that giving a knife severs the friendship between the two parties. This is the opposite of what you want to happen among you and your groomsmen. To prevent this, the giver has to attach a penny to the knife, which the receiver has to give back as a form of “payment”.

However, superstitions are everywhere. Even the act of giving a watch (a typical gift for groomsmen) is believed to be a symbol of time running out. In other words, whatever you give, there’s always a chance that it’s connected to a superstition.

If you’re thinking of giving your groomsmen knives but you’re hesitant because of superstition, consider this: it’s an honor to be given knives in Finland. According to Finnish tradition, a knife is one of the finest gifts you can get. Besides, if you’re worried about the knife looking too threatening, you can always cover it up or engrave it.

What makes engraved knives great groomsmen gifts?

What do an engraved knife and a front pocket wallet have in common? The answer: they’re both great groomsmen gifts. Here’s why:

#1 They’re useful

Engraved knives are the kind of gift that your groomsmen will like. Unlike a bottle opener that gets tucked away in the attic, a knife is useful. It serves several purposes like opening packages, carving pumpkins, and splitting kindling. Whatever your friends are into, they’re sure to find a use for their knives.

#2 They come in countless kinds

Like keychain accessories, a knife comes in countless kinds. Hence, you can find the perfect knife that fits your friend’s personality. For instance, if your friend is an outdoorsman, pick up the Trayvax Trek Field Knife. If your friend is into self-defense, pick up a pocket knife. You don’t need to get your groomsmen the same knife -- look for one that suits their lifestyle.

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#3 They’re personal

Gifting a knife can feel cold. That’s why you should consider giving an engraved knife. Engraving turns any regular gift into a personal gift that your friends will cherish for years to come. You could also throw in an engraved front pocket wallet like the Trayvax Element Wallet. If you don’t know what to engrave, you could always stick with their initials.

#4 They look expensive

If you’re on a budget, a knife is your best bet. You’ll be able to find knives for $7 and $700, which is fantastic news for your front pocket wallet. The Trayax Trek Field Knife, for instance, is a $169.99 knife that’s incredibly durable, making it ideal for friends that like hiking, camping, and the like.

#5 They’re badass

One of the best reasons to buy your groomsmen a knife as a gift is that they look badass. And because of that, you’ll be able to gift your friends something truly memorable. Just make sure you pick out a knife that actually looks cool.

What else should you give your groomsmen?

Aside from the pocket knife, you should consider gifting your groomsmen keychain accessories like a carabiner clip keychain. Whenever they go on outdoor adventures, they can attach the knife to the keychain and keep it secure in their pocket. You could also give them a lanyard to consolidate their ‘everyday carry’ (EDC) like their car keys, pocket knife, and front pocket wallet.

Looking for more groomsmen gifts?

If you’re still worried about superstition, you can continue window-shopping for groomsmen gifts at Trayvax. We have a wide range of gear and apparel that your groomsmen will be glad to get on your wedding day. We’ve got you covered whatever the budget. You’ll find gifts that are as affordable as $12.99 or as fancy as $196.99.

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