Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day gifts show your admiration and appreciation. Get the perfect gift this year to truly show how much you care. No other gift shows appreciation like hand-crafted gear built to withstand the test of time

Trayvax Valentine's Day Special

This year, we are offering a free Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain with all orders over $49. Follow these easy steps to receive a free Keyton Bottle Opener Keychain:

  1. Add products to cart totaling $49 or more
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Wait for free Keyton message to load above your cart
  4. Select the Keyton you would like from the drop down
  5. Continue with your purchase

We are also offering the chance to assemble your own Trayvax gear in our shop the week before Valentine's Day! Click here for more details!


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