Gear Made In The USA

What does that mean?
Trayvax is a company that prides itself in using all USA materials. While so many companies export jobs, we see the value in creating American jobs, and keeping them where our business can grow and adapt alongside our customers. We are proud to be part of the building blocks of our local and national economy. Our company started in a one bedroom apartment in Bellingham Washington in 2012. Since then we have grown to a creative force of nearly 30 people and have moved into a larger facility, here our products are handmade with close attention to detail and a promise to last a lifetime.

We couldn't do it alone!
We have always been excited at the opportunity to work with other high quality American companies. So much of what we do would not be possible without our essential relationships with companies across the country.

Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to research, purchase, and support our growing US company. We exist as a company because of the support you provide.