Types of Wallets for Women: Clutch vs. Purse

Types of Wallets for Women: Clutch vs. Purse

Wallets for women have many names. Some call them “clutches”, while others prefer “purses”. But what’s the difference, anyway? And which wallet should you choose? Let’s take a look at their key differences so you can decide.

Best Types of Minimalist Wallets for Women

#1 Clutch


A clutch and a wallet serve the same purpose. They both carry your necessities, such as your cash, cards, and coins. The biggest difference is that clutches like Trayvax Roam Clutch can carry more items, including your phone, keys, and lipstick.

Additionally, clutches also have keychain accessories that dress them up. Unlike minimalist leather wallets that are stuffed inside a handbag, clutches are designed to be carried on their own. Hence, if you want to forego your bulky bifold wallet, a clutch is a perfect choice.

#2 Purse

A purse is simply another name for a small handbag. While a wallet, such as a slim money clip wallet, can slip inside your jean pocket, a purse can’t fit into any item of clothing. That’s because purses are larger than wallets. You can even put a wallet inside a purse!

If a purse is basically a bag, then what is a coin purse? A coin “purse” doesn’t follow the same definition as a “purse”, as it’s significantly smaller. A coin purse is simply a small pouch that is used to carry loose change. It doesn’t have slots for cards, but instead has a single compartment for coins like the Trayvax Renegade Zipper Wallet.

Leather brown wallet

Clutch vs. Purse: Which Wallet Should You Choose?

So, are you a clutch or purse person? Either way, you may want to check out Trayvax’s collection of the best minimalist wallets for men and women. With our wide selection of high-quality leather wallets, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

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